Grass-Fed Organs for Male Hormonal Strength

Grass-Fed Organs for Male Hormonal Strength

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A central tenet to my approach to nutrition is that the more complex the food source, the more nutritious it is likely to be. An example is chemically-derived B vitamins in supplement form, versus from fresh liver, which is replete with these same vitamins. My choice is always the latter, because I want to present my body with all the nutrients in the food and let it decide which to absorb.

During the past century, instead of "homo sapiens" we have become a species that is more aptly described as "homo domesticus fragilis." In other words, we have become domesticated, fragile and diseased. Any living being that doesn't live in its natural environment and is subjected to eating depleted foods and living in artificial situations will become sick and diseased. This idea applies to our food, the light we are exposed to, the water we drink, the movements we perform, and probably even the thoughts we think and the feelings we feel. 

Unfortunately, many people today are unable or unwilling to eat such traditional foods as organ meats and wild edibles. That's why I'm grateful for companies that make products that understand these principles and mimic traditional diets as much as possible. One such company is Ancestral Supplements, which makes freeze-dried organ products.

The animals from which these products are made live out their entire lives foraging on grass, as they are meant to do; no grain feeding, no hormones, no antibiotics. Then their organs, the source of the most concentrated nutrients in the animals, are harvested and freeze dried for us to use.  

In my practice during the past few years, once I identified the weak organ in a patient, I would suggest supplementing with the homologous freeze-dried, grass-fed and finished-organ preparation. For people with any sort of thyroid issue, that meant a non-hormonal glandular thyroid. Patients with heart disease all took bovine heart capsules. For people with joint and bone issues or the metabolic problem referred to as "cancer," bovine tracheal cartilage was prescribed. 

Bovine tracheal cartilage, along with shark cartilage, is possibly the richest source of cartilage in the animal world. Extracts of bovine tracheal cartilage were used successfully by Dr. John Pruden in his cancer treatments, and greatly improved joint health in arthritis sufferers.

Today we are re-introducing the Male Optimization formula from Ancestral Supplements. This formula combines the testicles, prostate, heart, liver and bone marrow of grass-fed, grass-finished cows. It is invaluable at providing the nutritional support needed for men as they age and risk losing the hormonal competence needed to sustain vitality, muscular strength and overall health. This formula supports the heart, blood-cell formation and key components of the male hormonal system. The usual dose is three to six capsules a day and can be used long term.


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Billie Kruger on

Hello, again, regarding aldosterone. My husband has improvement in his hearing taking aldosterone and potassium supplements (his aldosterone levels look very low on paper). He also sees his acupuncturist twice a week for hearing and for blood pressure. There are several doctors who have written on the topic of aldosterone and hearing loss: Robert Frisian, Jonathon Wright and David Lippman.

Anonymous on

Hello Billie,

Thank you for your comment. We have added your question to Tom’s Q&A queue for his livestreams. Looking forward to hearing his answer.

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Billie on

ALDOSTERONE…. what to eat to bring up these levels??

Judd on

I began taking dessicated beef liver and got bad palpitations. This stopped when I stopped the pills. A NMD told me that is may be the iron and copper which can interact with electricity waves in the air to cause PVCS.

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