My New Booklet Ends the Covid Delusion

My New Booklet Ends the Covid Delusion

Since the publication of "The Contagion Myth," the world seems to have plunged deeper into the spell of the "coronavirus." We are witnessing signs of increasing totalitarianism throughout the world, and it is clear that, unless we break the corona delusion, this disturbing trend cannot be reversed. I had hoped that "The Contagion Myth" would be instrumental in breaking this delusion, but that has not been the case. Criticism of "The Contagion Myth" has come from many sources. Unsurprisingly, the "scientific community" — conventional medical doctors and virologists — has expressed disagreement. Somewhat more unexpectedly has been the criticism that has come from those in the holistic health, anthroposophical and "anti-vaxx" communities. This booklet, "Breaking the Spell: The Scientific Evidence for Ending the Covid Delusion," is the best way I know how to respond to these varied critics.  

Much has happened since the publication of "The Contagion Myth" in August, 2020. The thesis of this new booklet is that, because of the recent publication of some peer-reviewed studies and the scientific experiments conducted by my friend, Dr. Stefan Lanka, we can now say without any doubt that the central tenets of modern virology are not only unscientific, but are actually anti-scientific. 

Modern virology rests on three tenets. The first is that the tissue breakdown, called the cytopathic effect, that is seen in cell cultures is proof of the existence of the pathogenic virus, and proof that it causes disease. This has now been proven to be false as a result of Dr. Lanka's experiments. The second tenet is that one can see the pathogenic virus in question, including SARS-CoV-2, in the examination of the cell-culture breakdown. Using peer-reviewed research, I show this claim to be false. Finally, virologists claim that they find and sequence the entire genome of the virus in question through an alignment process done on the cell culture. The results of this part of Dr. Lanka's experiment were not available at the time I wrote the booklet, but Dr. Lanka has since shown this sequencing process to be fallacious as well. By adding mRNA from yeast to a cell culture, with no possibility of any virus added to the culture, he was able, using modern "unbiased, de novo, next-generation sequencing," to produce the entire genome of SARS-CoV-2 from this mixture, even though, again, no virus was present. Therefore, as of October 2021, it has now been proven that virology is based on false assumptions, SARS-CoV-2 or any other so-called pathogenic virus doesn't exist, and the entire Covid-19 narrative is bogus.  This booklet builds the case in simple, clear, precise language.  

My booklet presents a clear, logical, rational, scientific understanding of biology and how disease arises. This understanding will allow us to create a new approach to medicine and healing, based on sound, scientific principles, and it will help us break the spell, or mass delusion, that is threatening to engulf the whole world.  

Please join me by adding your voice to the growing chorus of well-meaning people who refuse to live their lives under a spell. We are meant to be free, to soar, to think deeply and clearly.  We can do this.

With love and joy, 

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Anonymous on

Hello Freda,

Dr. Cowan addresses what is making people sick in this booklet as well as in numerous videos and webinars. Please feel free to view them at Bitchute, Rumble, or join our community at SubscribeStar.

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Anonymous on

Hello Anthony,

I just sent you stefan’s documents via email.

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Anonymous on

Hello There,

Please email for international orders and for links to Stefan Lanka’s work.

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Anthony on


Can you please send me Dr. Lanka’s control experiments, please?

Thank you!!

Ginger Canada on

thank you for speaking Truth. i have no training or experience in health care yet the very second i heard of the p(l)andemic i knew it was a lie. i never wore a !@#$ing mask either. people WANT to believe the lie and are hooked on the drama of it all; even altetnative news sources.

Beatrice Maxwell on

Thank you Dr. Cowan for being one of many voices of reason. It’s so nice to find another intelligent Dr. speaking out against this insane agenda they are trying to shove down our throats. So many Dr.s are going along with it just to protect their lively hoods. I figured out the 5G connection right from the beginning……it’s not rocket science! Lol Thanks again for your dedication in getting this information out.

Elisabeth Jimmink on

I wholeheartedly support your work and that of your “friends” Dr. Cowan. For many years, I had questioned the contagion of “viruses” through my direct observations with illness in animals in my rescue endeavors.

As for your booklet ‘Breaking The Spell’, I would love to order it. However, my experience with PDF and other forms of downloads are not positive. I might be old fashioned but electronic reading is not for me and printing these downloads has proven to be costly and far from perfect. Physical, ‘hard’ copies of books remain superior and unparalleled. Please consider submitting your books for print.

Thank you for everything you do.

Elisabeth Jimmink


Your two books on virus and germ theory are blockbusters. Thank you.
Mark Humphrey

David Axelrod - The School for Anthroposophy on

Could I order 6 copies of “Breaking the Spell” when they are available again? Will they be? And would Dr. Cowan come speak to an interested audience here at this small school for anthroposophy (I am the founder)?
-David Axelrod – Port Townsend, WA

Walter Hollis on

I have just watched your discussion with Dr Stefan Lanka and wish to thank you for sharing such important information. I live in the UK and will be sharing the video link with as many people as I can. I truly believe that the truth will prevail and we will regain our freedom to live a free life. How can I obtain copies of your booklet on covid. Thank you.

Gosia on

Tom ,
Thank you so much for so uplifting, clear openminded info. I am very greatful for your work and dedication . Please continue follow your heart . Gosia from Denmark

Denis on

This thing should be free. Or you’re basically not serious about stopping this madness.

Pamela Kimberly on

i just ordered this booklet i love your book ‘The Contagion Myth’ More importantly I just love you! when i see your face i’m filled with love and gratitude! Thank you, I know it hasn’t been easy and it will probably get worse, but there many people like me that get it! We are so grateful

Freda on

Q. If the covid virus doesn’t exist, what is it that is making some people sick and even killing them?

dawn williams on

The world is grateful to you Tom, the world of non cultists, let us keep waking up those who we can save from the death cult and wake up those who can be saved in Jesus’s eternal rest. The book was brilliant I downloaded it this afternoon after listening to your podcast with Gareth Icke and for Amazon to ban it, we know more about why that is, big pharma lining pockets and more importantly those who die before they could hear the message of salvation.

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