New Spagyric Strophanthus Tincture Now Available

New Spagyric Strophanthus Tincture Now Available

Today, I would like to announce a new Spagyric Strophanthus tincture made by master alchemist Phoenix Aurelius, the same person who makes our Liposomal Vitamin C. "Spagyric" is the word for a tincture made by alchemical principles. Phoenix is a master chemist trained in the centuries-old arts of traditional alchemy. We asked Phoenix to look into Strophanthus, our "flagship" product, to see whether he could turn wild-crafted Strophanthus seeds into the world's first (that we know of) Spagyric Strophanthus extract. After months of experimentation, tests of ouabain content, and observations of volunteers who used it for a few months, we believe we have come up with a Strophanthus product that will be a valuable addition to our Strophanthus line.

As many of you know, Strophanthus is the heart medicine because of its unique ability to both support the parasympathetic nervous system and to flush the toxic lactic acid out of the heart muscle tissue. These effects are caused in part by the main active ingredient, ouabain, but also by the complementary and largely uncharacterized other components in Strophanthus seeds. In this new Spagyric Strophanthus tincture, we wanted to make sure it contained a small amount of ouabain but also was a rich source of the other components. After a lot of testing, this result is, indeed, what we have. The exact medicinal effects remain to be seen, but my guess is it will have more of a parasympathetic and heart-tonic effect than our other tinctures and capsules, which are a more direct support for the heart. Therefore, the main indications for the new tincture include stress relief, parasympathetic support, and overall help with restoring metabolic functioning, including the utilization of oxygen.  

This new tincture is not meant to replace our other tincture and capsules; those are still front-line support for all problems related to the heart. If you're happy with the results of the tincture or capsules you're using now, stay with it. My expectation is that the new tincture will be milder, with a more subtle effect. We welcome and need feedback on your experience with this new product. The usual dose is just 1 to 4 drops, 2 to 3 times a day, depending on your individual needs and reaction. The native people in the Cameroon call Strophanthus "the gift from paradise." We want to figure out how to bring a small bit of paradise to all our wonderful friends.  

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Hello Jacqueline,

Thank you for reaching out. I’m not sure about your former chiropractor, but Ouabain (the active ingredient) is extracted from strophanthus seeds.

Customer Support

Jacqueline on

I understood from diane Carlson , my former chiropractor, that she could prescribe strophanthus and that it was a tincture made from oleander that only grew in Madagascar. Has the formula source changed or was she mistaken?

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