Strophanthus: "The Gift From Paradise"

Our Extracts Are Now Available for General Use!

For many years, we have provided our two forms of strophanthus seed extracts to health-care practitioners only. After much thought, and because we now have many years of safe and effective use under our belt, we are releasing these extracts for general use. As always, and with any supplement or herb, please consult your most trusted health-care provider for guidance and support.

Historically, the main use of strophanthus seed extracts and its “active” ingredient, ouabain, has been to support heart function. Over the years, we have seen many people whose functional capacity has improved as a result of taking our extracts. People have experienced less chest pain; their cardiac function as measured by the ejection fraction has improved; and their BNP levels, a marker of congestive heart failure, have normalized. In previous blogs and articles, I have described some of these cases in detail.  

In addition, because strophanthus seed extracts have a tonifying effect on the parasympathetic nervous system, many of our friends using our strophanthus seed extracts report an overall sense of well-being, better sleep and less anxiety. Strophanthus seed extracts catalyze the conversion of the metabolic toxin lactic acid into the vital nutrient pyruvate. This conversion means that people using strophanthus seed extracts have improved metabolic efficiency, a key factor in many chronic diseases. 

Furthermore, after many years of use, we have received virtually no reports of any untoward effects. One can easily see why native Africans referred to this plant medicine as “The Gift from Paradise.”

In the past few years, two new uses for ouabain have come to my attention.  The first use was described in an article that found that ouabain is the most effective senolytic agent these researchers had discovered. A senolytic agent is a substance that prevents the formation of senescent cells in the body.  Senescent cells are formed when the tissue is old, poisoned or sick from any cause. In essence, a senescent cell is dying and becoming dysfunctional. Current research is focused on protecting the tissues from this death spiral, and the marker for this protection is the reduction of the formation of these senescent cells. It appears that strophanthus seed extracts are perhaps one of nature’s primary ways of staving off this senescent process.  

The other use for ouabain/strophanthus seed extracts is suggested by an article that refers to ouabain as an “anti-viral.” As we now know, viruses have not been found to be pathogens, so what is the sense of using an “anti-viral?” The article points out that ouabain does not kill viruses; rather, it protects the tissues, helping them to use oxygen more efficiently. What one sees, then, is the tissues don’t break down into the pieces of genetic debris we mistakenly call viruses. To a researcher stuck in the old mold of thinking, this phenomenon appears to be an “anti-viral” effect. The reality is ouabain simply protects our tissues and cells; they are more resistant to dying, and the organism remains healthier.

¹ Cardiac glycosides are broad-spectrum senolytics

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² (2)  Ouabain – A Drug for Treatment of Covid-19, Journal of Cardiology and Clinical Practice, Volume 3, issue 2, Sroka, Knut.

The extracts we provide are made from wild-harvested strophanthus seeds obtained from the Cameroon. One is a powder inside capsules and one is a liquid. The capsules are ground with a few inert excipients, the extract is then soaked in alcohol and filtered. The usual dose for general support as I describe above is one of the capsules opened and sprinkled in the mouth once or twice a day. Let the powder dissolve in the mouth for one minute before swallowing. Start with one capsule a day for one week, and use a maximum of two capsules a day unless otherwise told by your practitioner. 

For the liquid, use seven to 10 drops once a day for the first week and increase to this same dose twice a day thereafter. Again, unless guided by your practitioner, use this as the maximum dose.

As always, we welcome any questions or feedback about any of our products and any effect you are noticing on your health.

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LL on

Is this useable by someone with a heart rate in the 40s?

petras vainius on

How many drops of extract are equivalent to one capsule? How much or the active ingredient Ouabain is in the capsule? Am using 2 capsule presently

Dana Baumgardner on

I’m wondering about the taste of the Strophanthus liquid. It seems to have an “alcohol “ taste that I don’t remember when I first started taking it. Will it stay good for a certain amount of time? I also put some in a glass bottle with a dropper to share with my family. It’s a clear bottle and wondering if that’s ok to store it in.
Thank you!

Lizzy on

Can strophanthus be used by someone with a low heart rate. Is 50bpm average.
Thank yoy

Anonymous on

Hello Bridget,

Thank you for your comment on Tom’s blog.

For Strophanthus, it is best to take the drops directly into your mouth and swish around for about a minute, then swallow. Best to take on an empty stomach 30 minutes prior to eating. You can take it in a small amount of water, but drops directly in the mouth is best.

Customer Support

bridget durham on

should drops be taken directly in mouth or is in water ok?

Anonymous on

Please feel free to email Customer Support at if you have questions about Strophanthus. We will be glad to send you Tom’s video on Strophanthus as well as some useful links.

Customer Support

Anya on

Hello, there!
Would Strophantus benefit someone with prostate cancer, recovering from radiation treatment?
Thank you!

Hauke on

the book “Ouabain: a gift from paradise” offers an unbiased account of the history of Ouabain. The book is available in most online bookstores.

Algis on

Are Strophantus supplements good for a 1 year old toddler? Is there any problem for a toddler to take it?

Anonymous on

Hello Chris, Dr. Cowan answered your question during the following webinar:

Chris on

Is it ok to take quabain capsules long term? Thanks.

Barbara Maloney on

I recently purchased strophanthus from the Tea Brazil website as recommended in your book. Would you now recommend your own product as superior? I have already seen a lowering of my blood pressure after using strophanthus for two weeks.
Thank you for your thought provoking ideas.

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