Three Substances That Increase Flow and Lower Blood Pressure

Three Substances That Increase Flow and Lower Blood Pressure

Perhaps my core criticism of modern, allopathic scientists and doctors is that, as a rule, they fail to differentiate cause from effect. To put this simply, when they see bacteria and pus, they label it "infection" rather than understanding that the bacteria and pus are there to get the splinter in your finger out of your body. That way of thinking is akin to believing firefighters at the site of a fire caused the fire.  

This reasoning also can be applied in the case of the "disease" called hypertension or high blood pressure. They start with the illogical premise that the heart pumps the blood around the body. Then they claim that, for unknown reasons for some people, in fact, for most people older than 60 in western countries, blood pressure goes up to dangerous levels, and if the blood pressure levels aren't reduced, the patient will have a stroke or suffer from a heart attack.

When asked what causes the elevation of the blood pressure, they claim that the cause is unknown, which is why they state that approximately 98 percent of all cases of hypertension are "essential," "idiopathic," i.e. unknown. Again, in straightforward English, the conventional medical system is confronted with one of the primary killers of Americans (they claim), yet they have no clue as to the cause of this dangerous situation. Anyway, never mind, these toxic drugs will lower the numbers, make you feel lousy, and we have no good evidence that they will make the quality of your life better or will lengthen your life.

The reality is that the cause of elevated blood pressure is very simple to understand and can be easily explained. 

One of the most important functions of our amazing organism is to continually circulate life-giving blood to all the organs and tissues of the body. As I have explained many times, this circulation or flow is a result of the combination of the fourth-phase properties of water, the hydrophilic nature of the blood vessels, and the energy input from sunlight, the earth and the electro-magnetic aether we are bathed in. When the flow gets weak, caused by damage to the vessels, denatured water or, most commonly, decreased exposure to the healing properties of our earth, the body naturally and brilliantly responds by narrowing the tubes to maintain adequate flow. Without adequate or even robust flow, we would wither and die. In other words, the elevation of the blood pressure is simply and easily understood not as a disease but as a compensatory, healing response to poor flow. 

This understanding then leads directly into a therapeutic strategy that will restore the blood pressure to normal without the use of toxic medicines. It all comes down to restoring the flow. If you have healthy flow, your body does not need to increase the pressure, and the "disease" simply goes away. 

Besides doing the obvious steps of reconnecting with the natural electro-magnetic field of our world, we can restore the integrity of our blood vessels. The flowers of the hibiscus plant help us do that with their tannin and anthocyanin-rich compounds. This response eliminates one of the causes of poor flow. 

The next step is to provide more "energy," which actually means improving the structure of the water in our bodies. This is supported by adding NADH and the amino acid L-arginine to our diet. In particular, NADH supports the process of oxidative phosphorylation in our mitochondria, from which the chemical ATP is derived. ATP functions as a catalyst to unfold the proteins in our tissues, which  creates the coherent water in our tissues and blood vessels. It is this coherent water that creates the energy that drives the blood. Through this mechanism, NADH also supports the healthy flow of the blood. 

Finally, beet-root juice powder supports the production of nitric oxide (NO) in the tissues and blood vessels. The NO helps relax the vessels, thereby facilitating flow. I used the combination of these three substances widely in my practice. Combined with a "Nourishing Traditions" diet, limited wireless-device use, earthing, sun exposure, and regular movement, I rarely had to resort to giving anyone blood pressure medication. In fact, I can't remember a single patient in the last decade of my practice who I started on any kind of prescription medicine for high blood pressure.

True healing can emerge only from a realistic, accurate understanding of the human being and how we are constructed. We are proud to offer to our readers this bundle of natural products to support healthy blood flow and the creation of robust, active, joyous lives.

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Peter on

What a great article, thanks so much.

Anonymous on

Hello Carol,

Thank you for commenting. It is difficult to say exactly when the combination of Hibiscus, NADH Vision and Strophanthus will affect your body. Everyone is different in their health conditions and recovery/healing/strengthening will vary depending on the individual and the circumstances.

You may want to consider our and the options for consultations available there. Feel free to reach out to for further details or questions.

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Carole on

I just ordere strophanthus, NADH, and hibiscus for my high blood pressure. My doctor prescribed an allopathic drug as well but I want to try this option first. I am wondering how long it will take before your products will begin to work.

Customer Support on

Hello Dora,

We have added your question to Tom’s queue for his livestreams. Please keep in mind we have numerous questions for him and will be unable to promise he will answer your question personally. Please watch his livestreams on most Wed. and Fri. at 2PM EST. His YouTube channel is Talkin’ Turkey with Tom.

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Anonymous on

Hello Marcine,

If you need to avoid high-oxalate foods due to kidney issues, you may choose not to consume beets. It’s always best practice to check with your practitioner, just in case.

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Marcine on

What about the high oxylate content in beets?

Dora on

Dr. Cowan. Can you please suggest a solution for people with low blood pressure.
Probably not by coincidence, when I eat nuts (high in arginine), I get an outbreak of what is commonly classified as Herpies simplex and eating beets makes me feel awful, dizzy and as if I swallowed a poison (sorry, I don’t mean to sound dramatic).
Thank you in advance for approaching this topic.

Alberick on

Can Dr. Cowan go in some more on the linking of Water, Domes, Antennas and Aether…As a high school Math and Science teacher I would love get more info. I started this journey in 2018. And seeing the youtube Aether by Marcia Ramalho. I’m now reading…“Cancer and the new biology of water”


EXCELLENT ARTICLE. will add NADH rich foods and beetroot juices

Anonymous on

Hello Fiona,

Yes, we ship to the UK. I just emailed you. If you visit the website, you should be able to checkout without incident.

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Anonymous on

Hello Art,

Thank you for your question. We have added it to Dr. Cowan’s question queue. Although the queue is long, he does receive each question. Please view the description section on his videos for the topics he discusses which are listed in chronological order.

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Art on

Hey doc. I am a big fan. I do have a question for you: You seem to question a lot of things that were considered the basics of biology, like the mere existence of cells or mitochondria, or whether ATP is the source of energy. However, you then use those same concepts you put in question (or deny altogether) in articles like this one. Could you clarify for your followers?


Fiona Edwards on

I would like some of these products please – do you send to the U.K. ?

Bonnie Marshall on

Rauwolfia is a wonderful way to modulate blood pressure and avoids the poisons of Big Pharma.

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