Turpentine's Power as a Healing Substance

Turpentine's Power as a Healing Substance

I was introduced to the use of turpentine in medicine at the beginning of 2020 by our friend Andrew Kaufman. After hearing about its history and the rationale for its use, I almost slapped my forehead. "How did I miss this?" I wondered.

Turpentine, which is simply a distillate of pine resin, has been used as a medicine for a very long time. According to the world's turpentine expert, Dr. Jennifer Daniels, turpentine was the only medicine the African slaves in the U.S. were allowed to use for many decades. The only good news about this restriction was that it probably was the only medicine they needed. 

Among its many properties, turpentine is a strong natural solvent. It not only dissolves paint and stains, it also can dissolve the accumulated waste products that build up in our tissues. It is these waste products that feed the erroneously named pathogens, such as fungi and bacteria, whose only role is to feed off of and biodegrade the dead cells and tissues that result from the accumulation of toxic debris.

Ingesting turpentine, inhaling turpentine or using it topically allows it to penetrate into our tissues and organs, loosening and dissolving these accumulated toxins and allowing them to be safely excreted out of the body. This is the essence of real healing, and nothing facilitates this process better than turpentine.

I'm happy that we're now able to offer a pure and safe turpentine for our customers. To learn about its proper and safe use, please watch this podcast interview with Dr. Kaufman, in which all the details are explained. Turpentine is perhaps the one medicine that everyone should have in their home-care supplies.

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Douglas George on

Sounds very much like DMSO.Dimethyl sulfoxide. I’ve been using this for years.
Perhaps you should do a ‘briefing’ on it in one of your weekly pod casts.

Cheryl Pierce on

Turpentine saved my tooth. I had a crown remade as it came off and was defective. After the dentist put the new crown on, I noticed my tooth started to hurt a little. As time went by, I could tell it was infected. I had very little tooth left and had many crowns from having so much amalgam taken out. This infection went on for over a year. It was getting worse but still manageable. I didn’t want to lose a tooth and I wasn’t well enough to want to mess with the dentist again. As time moved along the pain increased and I knew I had to do something. I went to the Earth Clinic website and found this protocol from someone who had used it. 1/2 teaspoon turpentine swished in the mouth for two minutes twice a day for about a week. It worked and that was several years ago.

heather guidi on

Turpentine, castor oil, colloidal silver, and urine are the only curatives in my house.

Kaisa Sipponen on

I absolutely love Turpentine. I have done turpentine protocol with sugar and I have also used it couple drops with water during my fasts. It is the most powerful cleanser what I have used. When waste and toxins are out of tissues the parasites will leave as well and you can even see them in your stool.

Kay on

Tom I have heard you say something to the effect of – when you hear the word ‘expert’ run a mile ??

Linda Pace on

I wondered what my grandmother was doing when she took a spoon of turpentine for a chest cold! I grew up in the mountains of NC where folk medicine was about the only thing available—at least to the elders who had grown up with it. Poke shoots (before the purple pigments) were a spring tonic. Tick repellent was a compound of flowers of sulphur and bacon grease. Pickled foods at every meal.

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