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What is in your water? Part 2

April 22, 2020 23 min read


That's why, when I talk about what to do, a lot of it is we need to purify the water in our body and that's what we're going to do. So that took me a little longer than I thought. That's 45 minutes. And so now I'm going to transition what can we do about this? And again, I just want to emphasize that I am not giving a prescription for any disease. I have no evidence that what I'm going to say will be an effective treatment for anybody with this situation. I don't know that it will be preventative or anything. I'm just giving my opinions. And all I can say is for those who want more information about chloroquine and vitamin C and all that, again, I would refer you to Andy Kaufman because he's doing an amazing job of documenting and explaining exactly how this works.

And I would even also say, just because I'm referring people to Andy doesn't mean Andy agrees with all the things I say. He may or he may not. But yeah, so just take that for what it's worth. So what can we do? So the first thing and when I explain what we can do, I'm also going to explain my level of evidence. So the first thing I would say is, the first thing we can do is protect ourselves and protect what some people call our warmth body from harmful electromagnetic fields. And so I learned something like 30 years ago, that there was a theory that if you wore clothing or blankets made of peat, because peat moss, is something that's formed after being in the earth for thousands of years. Apparently it's the degradation product of all the plants, all the plant life that lives in these peat bogs and they slowly degrade and they essentially absorb the electromagnetic field from the earth.

And if you make clothes or blankets out of these peat moss fibers, then it will protect you against certain negative influence in the environment. I have, let me be clear about this. I have no evidence that wearing a peat moss sweater or sleeping in a peat moss blanket. We'll reduce your 1G, 2G, 4G 5G exposure. In fact, my guess is if you used a meter it wouldn't show that. So I have no evidence and I make no claim for that. All I know is that theory makes sense to me and the people who do this, essentially get a peat moss blanket. And the way this come about is a company from Germany contacted me, said, "We heard you're talking about peat moss, would you carry it for us because we can't get it in the United States otherwise." So we said "Yes." Thanks to my sons and family who created a business around this and that's why we're offering. Again, I have no other evidence than that except what people say when they use the blankets.

So that's number one. That's a very simple intervention, has nothing to do with the current situation, but it's a way to protect your warmth body, your inflammation processes. The second one would be, I think people should eat good food. I've actually said this for about 40 years. And when I say good food, I mean Nourishing Traditions because it doesn't have glyphosate at least as much as you can. It has good fats. It is, in my opinion, the way to procure and process food. Let me just give you a few examples of the Nourishing Traditions diet, things to emphasize here. So there's another theory and I would say that this isn't exactly proven, but one of the ways that you get these hemorrhages in the lungs, is certain electromagnetic fields, drive the calcium into the cell and therefore you get lower calcium in the blood. And since calcium is part of the coagulation pathway, then you end up bleeding, because you're low in ionized calcium in the blood.

So the whole Nourishing traditions approach, when it's seen properly, is a way to increase your calcium intake and increase your exposure to the proteins which actually structure the water in your cells. And so what do I mean by that? I mean, bone broth. Bone broth is a way to extract the proteins from animal parts. And it has some amount of calcium. Not a lot, but some. And so you end up getting the proteins that are used by your cells to help structure the water in your cells to make these more perfect crystals. So every morning, not just because of this, but because of years or so, I wake up, I make a bone broth soup. And the way I make the broth is I get chicken feet, which are very cheap and usually a bone marrow bone, you can get bone marrow bones. I put them in my crock.

I put a sheet of kombu seaweed, which is loaded with minerals. I put [Cholla 00:49:42] buds, which are a food that... It's a wild food that we sell in our Doctor Cowan's Garden site because people couldn't get it otherwise. And it basically is loaded with calcium, which when you boil it dissolves the calcium into the broth. And then I put some dried Rishi mushrooms, also called ganoderma mushrooms. I simmer that with a little bit of vinegar for about four hours. And then I strain it. And that's what I make to use my vegetable soup every morning. And again, it's not a strategy for any disease. It's a strategy for helping the water and increasing the minerals in your diet. So that's number two. Another way of to get enough calcium in your diet is to eat products made from raw milk. Raw milk is essentially the perfect source of ionized calcium.

I tend to like it cultured, so I make kefir or yogurt. And you could also use grass fed ghee and butter. All that should be a part of every diet and particularly a part of diet for now. And the final food I'll recommend is, we're talking about microbial integrity here and so for literally decades, every single day practically I've eaten cultured, fermented vegetables, otherwise known as sauerkraut, kimchi, beet kvass. All those things that are part of the Nourishing Tradition diet.

That's how you support and maintain your microbial integrity. The rest of it is just the usual Nourishing Traditions diet, and I don't think I'm going to spend any more time on that now. So that's step two. Step one is the blanket, step two is the diet. Step three is probably, if not one of, maybe the most important part, and that has to do with something that I've had, I don't know how many hundreds or maybe more questions. What kind of water should I drink?

Because obviously if this is a problem of degraded, polluted water, if this is fundamentally a message from water, that we have come to a fork in the road and we either are going to degrade or we're going to start a new culture based on purified water. It would be a good idea to start with purified water or proper water, that's better than purified. Scratch the purify. So what do I mean by that? And what I would say is that if you go back 100, 500, not 100, 500 years ago, a thousand years ago, and you describe the characteristics of water, here's what I would say. Number one, there's no stuff in the water. What do I mean by stuff? I mean aluminum, and chlorine, and chloramines, and fluoride, and glyphosate, and birth control pills, and Prozac, and micro plastics, and a whole long list of about a hundred other things.

And I can guarantee that essentially everybody out there, except if you have access to a pristine spring, which maybe even doesn't exist anymore, all of you are drinking water with basically many, if not most of those things in it. There may be some exceptions, people with wells and all, but everybody drinking water from a municipal tap has most of those, if not all of those things in it. So you cannot have stuff in the water and have it be healthy water. So that's step one. So again, all the water that humans used to drink bubbled up from the earth, from springs, or ran over rocks in streams. And in doing so, it picked up all the minerals. And so not only did we have water with no stuff in it, we had water that had the entire compliment of minerals, not just one or two, or I put some calcium or magnesium or something in the water and now it has minerals.

It had all the minerals of the earth in the water. And probably the earth got it from the sea. So it had all the minerals from the sea eventually show up in the water. That's step two. Step three is all of this water was moving and in particularly in patterns that we now call vortices, and in doing so it picked up oxygen and so we had moving, structured, coherent, oxygenated water. That's what people drink.

Now when we examine the sort of sacred waters like Lourdes and other places, we always find that they're oxygenated and structured, and that's essentially the definition of one of the aspects of healthy water. That's step three. You cannot have water that has no movement, it's dead in pipes and that has almost no oxygen in them. That is not healthy water. And that's the water all of us are drinking.

And the final step it is, which is maybe getting even more esoteric, is this water that bubbled up from earth or over streams was exposed to the electromagnetic fields, the energy, because we know that the function of water is to absorb all the energy of the cosmos and the earth, period. That's what it's doing in nature. That's what it's doing in our bodies. So this water in the streams was exposed to the frogs, and the crickets, and the birds, and the songs of nature, and the earth fields, and on and on and on. So in a sense, I like to describe it as the water was sung to. That elevated the energy level of the water. That is the four steps of assessing healthy water. Now, as I said, all the water in your tap has none of those four steps. It's not... It has stuff in it.

It doesn't have the right minerals in it. It has very low if any oxygen in it. It is not structured or coherent. And it was sung to buy mechanical pipes and all kinds of negative electromagnetic influences. And even not the birds because apparently 90% of the birds, and I don't know what percent of the insects are not even here anymore. So that's the problem.

Now, lot of people over the last month, since the cancer book have sent me water to try. I've investigated them. I'm not a water scientist, but I've tried to learn what I can about how to evaluate this. And at the end of the day, my conclusion is there's only one water that I know of that fulfills all these four aspects and that's a water made by a company called Ophorawater.com that's O-P-H-O-R-A water.com. And what they do is first nano purify the water, which means they're the only company that I've seen that can prove to me that they have no stuff in there including plastics, including microplastics.

And I am now aware of just how difficult it is to get those things out of the water. I didn't know this six months ago. And they can demonstrate that they have gotten those things out of the water. And that's also the reason why they have never and would never put their water in plastic bottles. There is no justification in my mind for putting water in plastic bottles. With one possible exception. And that is there are deuterium depleted waters, and I'm not going to talk about deuterium depletion because it probably is relevant to this discussion, but it would take us too far a field. And I wrote about that in the cancer book, so there are good deuterium depleted waters that do come in plastic bottles that you could use in order to lower your deuterium levels along with doing a test to find out what's your deuterium levels are.

So I can see that rationale and that is a reason why you could use water in plastic bottles as a temporary measure. Otherwise, if our goal is to get the stuff out of the water, it has to be nano purified, it has to be proven that it is, and it has to be in glass bottles. Number two, you have to add all the minerals from the sea and the earth back into it. And that's what a Ophora does.

Number three, you have to put it through vortices and I don't exactly understand the level of vortexes and crystals that they use, but I'm sure that that's what they're doing. The reason that I know that is because by doing that you increase the oxygen level in the water. To 40 parts per million, which is much higher than any other water there is, at least that I know of.

Now. When I first heard about this, I thought, well, we all know that you don't get oxygen in your blood through drinking water. I mean that's kind of seemingly ridiculous. We get oxygen in our blood from the air that we breathe, and after all, this is partly an oxygen problem. So what difference does it make of the oxygen level in the water? The other thing I would say is the people at Ophora have also convinced me that as important as the water you drink is the water that you bathe in, or shower in, or vaporize into your house. And so to get into the level of proof they have demonstrated to me with data, much to my surprise, and even though if I can't explain it necessarily, that drinking Ophora water with its increased oxygen level and bathing in Ophora water, will actually increase the PO2 to level in your blood and tissues.

How that is, is I would admit, a mystery. But that it is has been demonstrated. Now the other way that you can demonstrate this is you can measure the lactic acid levels in the tissues. I talked about lactic acid in my heart book. Because the lower the lactic acid level, that is a certain evidence that the higher the oxygen level, because the reason you make lactic acid is because your oxygenation goes down, and then you switch your metabolism and then you make this lactic acid. So they've also conclusively demonstrated with studies that drinking and bathing and Ophora water will lower your lactic acid levels in your blood and in your tissues. And they can provide you with the studies if you want. Here's another possible explanation for that. Because again, much to my surprise, they provided me with evidence that if you water a plant with Ophora water, it will grow better and be healthier than plants watered with tap water.

And one of the reasons they surmise that this would be, is because the Ophora water has a higher level of oxygen in the water. And at first when I heard that you shake your head and you think, wait a minute, plants don't even use oxygen. This can't be relevant. This can't even be true. But on the other hand, you see the plants, they're healthier, they're more robust. Maybe it's just the structure of the water. We know that watering plants with structured water increases their health and their vitality. So at first I couldn't believe that somehow watering plants with higher oxygen levels would possibly create a healthier planet. But then they presented me with evidence that it may not be that the plants actually use the oxygen, but certainly the microbes in the soil do. I mean we know that if you increase the oxygen level to microbes, you will get a whole different population.

And since the microbes essentially they excrete or secrete the entire nourishment of the plant, that could be a very plausible explanation of how watering the soil, so you're not actually watering the plant. I mean you're watering the plant. But you're watering the soil, that changes the microbial population to a more robust and healthy variety. And that creates healthier and more robust plants. So there are other reasons why increasing oxygenation is good. And as I proposed in my hypothesis for what the problem is here, a lot of it has to do with, somebody did something to the oxygen in the air and therefore in our blood. And what we're seeing is a hypoxic event. So it would make sense that if anything we could do, whether it's through changing our gut flora or the direct absorption of oxygen, I'm not sure, and I don't think anybody is, but it could have the exact same effect as oxygenating and therefore changing our own microbial population, which could then make us healthier and specifically even have more oxygen.

So that's step three. And then step four. Essentially they sing to their water, they sing to it by whole variety of techniques, which I'm not even sure of the details, but through music, through Brahms, through Beethoven, and I'm not sure, again of the details, but I know that that's a very big part of their whole procedure operation. Is you have to expose this water, which is an open book for all the electromagnetic fields and all the energies of the universe. You have to make it as coherent as possible. And so that's step four. Then, as I said, it's bottled in glass bottles for people to drink, or you can get a home system, which doesn't have the same oxygen levels. But that's a way to, another way to do this. Now, I just have to say that as people have told me this process is not cheap.

And so I've tried to talk to them about... But listen, not everybody can do this. I don't even know if they have enough water. If everybody decided today to order from them, I'm not sure if they even have the supplies. Maybe they do, and maybe they don't. But even if they did, it's out of most people's price range. So the question that I had to ask myself is, what can people do like right now? So the first thing I would say is, one thing is to get as much of it as you can and use it as much as you can.

They also told me that, as far as they can see the best water that we know of, as far as all these four steps, that you can buy anywhere is called Mountain Valley Spring Water. And that comes in glass bottles, and it's relatively inexpensive. And one of the things that would be acceptable is to get one case of Ophora water and mix it one to two, one to ten, one to four, whatever you can afford. Because the Ophora water will actually help structure and energize the other water we think. S o that's an option for people who can't just switch entirely to Ophora water. I get that. If you can't do either of those, I would say the best solution is Mountain Valley Spring Water. I also want to say, I don't really want to hear from all the other water companies and all the other people that their water is the best.

I mean no disrespect to anybody. I'm sure a lot of people are doing great things. I honor and respect them all. This is just what I've come to in examining this situation. Now, there is another option, which is something that we're working on making available. We don't have it yet, but again, this is, gets into a little more esoteric stuff, but that's who I am and the way I try to describe things. Is Viktor Schauberger who probably knew more about water than anybody alive. Described implosion devices where you could actually generate energy from water. And he actually created them where you put flowing water through something called an implosion device, which works I guess with vortexes and crystals and all kinds of things. And it actually creates energetic vortexes in the water, which create more robust health for the earth and for people and the plants and everything else.

So there is a German company that contacted me, and wondering if we could carry their water. And again, I would say, I don't know of any particular scientific evidence that this helps with anything called pneumonia or hypoxia or anything like that. But here's what I do know, just like I described how and why the blood moves in our body. The heart creates a suction, which actually sucks the blood up into the heart. And Schauberger said his implosion devices will recreate that suction, and you'll be able to see that.

And that is your proof, in a sense, that this is creating a suction, which means you have vortexed energized water. So the question is, how can you prove that? And I would say anybody who wants to see the video, there's a website called Aquadea, think it's dot com or something. A-Q-U-A-D-E-A.com. And what you see on there is they put their shower device, which makes this implosion with crystals and it comes out in these vortexes.

And then you put, you can put like a plastic cap, like a yogurt container right underneath the water coming out of the shower head. So if you could imagine a heavy stream of water coming out for your shower head and you put a very light yogurt cap on there, obviously the water's coming down. It will push the yogurt cap down just like you would expect. But what you see in the video is that the yogurt cap actually sucks up and is suspended underneath the shower head. And when you look at that you say... I don't know what you say, you can't believe it, but there it is. It's true. That is creating a suction. The theory is if you expose yourself to that suction, that energized vortexed water, that will confer health advantages to you.

So they have that, the shower device and they also have a water device which you can use. It has the same principles to purify your water. Now, the best thing is to use the best water purifier and I don't want to say which one I think it is because I don't know. There's a lot of them. I don't want to choose sides here, but the best water purifier, you put it through this water device on your faucet and that we'll do the same thing. Now, another reason I got convinced is that when you take water, like tap water, you can actually make crystals out of that. You can see that on their website. And the water from the tap has no shape, no form. The water from the shower or from the water from this faucet device looks like a magnificent fern shaped organism, as is if it's creating life forms.

And so that tells you it has conferred structure and life in the water. You can see those on their website. But what was so interesting to me about this, is when you put just unpurified water, so water that has all these toxins in it. And you put it through the shower device, the faucet device, and then you make a crystal picture out of that. What you see is a fern like picture and then you see little circular balls in there. And I can't say that I'm sure this is true, but I'm pretty confident in what that water is able to do. Believe it or not is encapsulate the poisons and make them harmless. Now, I have no proof of that except that's the only explanation I can see. So again, hopefully we will be able to make that water device for your shower and your faucet available soon.

And the final thing I'll say as far as... Because we're talking about being poisoned here, and that's why I talk about this formula called immunity matrix. An immunity matrix is simply a mixture of medicinal mushrooms and vitamin C rich plants essentially. So what do mushrooms do? They detoxify. How do I know that? Because you can do an oil spill and then you can put the mushrooms on it and you can come back in a month. And in certain situations they essentially ate the oil. There's no toxic residue left, and now you could even eat the mushrooms, which by the way, I wouldn't do. Mushrooms are the scavengers, the detoxifiers in nature. There's abundant medical evidence that they do the same in us and since we are poisoned, which is my hypothesis here, it makes sense to avail ourselves of this amazing kingdom called medicinal mushrooms.

Vitamin C is a, essentially, as Andy has suggested, an antioxidant, which will, to a certain extent mitigate the effect of this hyper inflammatory response that we're seeing in these people with lung inflammation. I'm not saying this is enough to treat it. If you have actual symptoms, A, seek competent medical advice, and that's the situation where they're using more high dose intravenous or lyposomal vitamin C. So I can see the rationale for that.

So those are the interventions. And again, none of them is specific to this. This is essentially how to live life in a toxic world. I'm going to finish here by saying one other comment here, which is, it seems to me that humanity is that a kind of a crossroad here. And one of the crossroads was exemplified by a story I had the other day, which is, I was walking in the park and there was a little boy playing, his mother was there and I think probably his sister. He was playing with his ball and the ball went... He lost the ball and it rolled near somebody who was essentially lying or sleeping in the grass.

And he took a step towards retrieving his ball. And then he looked at his mother with the most horrified expression on his face and said to the mother, "Am I safe?" And I thought to myself, A, if fear produces exosomes, which are how we diagnose this problem, we in humanity, if we're doing this to our children, this is a real problem.

So I'm going to stop there. With only the... The fork is, this is a message from water. Clean up our act. Stop poisoning the water, the air, the airwaves, the Van Allen belts, the ionospheres. Stop the 1G, the 2G, the 4G, the 5G. Stop the glyphosate. And otherwise this is not going to go well. So with that, I will start to look at these questions. There's about 200 of them. I'm not going to get to them all, but I'll do the best I can. Here's one, does metal in the body interact with 5G or any electromagnetic fields?

As I explained the other time, the metals act as antenna, so people who have more metals in their body seem, I don't know if there's any absolute proof of this. Will have more toxicity from any non-native electromagnetic fields. Some of these are too long for me to go through. I just want to say, when people ask me, how would I explain this to others or my aunt Bessie, she said... She doesn't believe this or so whatever. I mean, I'm not trying to convince anybody of anything. I'm trying to explain how I see the world. And I just feel like if you explain this in the most clear and coherent sense that you can, then some people will understand it, and some people won't. And that's all you can do. And seems to me we have to love both of those kinds of people, because not everybody's going to get it.

I realize I'm not doing a great job of this question part. But here's something, am I saying that viruses and the exosomes are the same thing. Or just that COVID-19 and exosomes are the same due to the ACE2 cell reception. Again, I would, please everybody watch Andy Kauffman's 40 minute talk on this. He explains the size of the exosome, and the virus are the same. He explains the size inside and outside, the proteins inside the exosome are the same, as what we're calling the coronavirus. The receptors are the same and some of the most eminent virologists in the world are saying exosomes I. E., messengers are indistinguishable from viruses. This is only a semantic thing and we have no way of saying this is an exosome, and this is a virus.

Some people are asking me about wearing a mask and again, I don't want to say anything negative about what people feel like they have to do. Or I'm not trying to get anybody to break laws or antagonize other people. Let's be very clear about that, but I would only point out that the size of a virus, or an exosomes something like a thousandth or maybe a hundredth or I don't know, some order of magnitude, maybe something like that. And again, Andy has the exact numbers on this. Smaller than the smallest mesh of any mask out there. I understand there's a theory that the mask is to keep you from touching your hands to your face and maybe so the snot doesn't come out. I just have a lot of trouble with that. Here's a question, if they're not testing for immunity, but it's not a virus, what are the tests finding?

Nobody is saying that a PCR test tests for immunity, that would be another surrogate test called an antibody. And they aren't developing antibody tests. But again, you cannot use a surrogate test if you don't have a gold standard test. That's just the facts folks, whether we or anybody else likes it or not. What are the tests finding? They're finding a piece of RNA, which they say is unique to this coronavirus. And, but they're also finding the identical exosome found from... Expressed from cells, which basically also have been shown to contain these poisons in them, just like I originally proposed. They're finding them expressed in people who have heavy metal toxicity. They're expressed from bacteria, they're expressed from lung cancer cells. They're expressed when people are exposed to fearful situations, that's what the medical literature says. If you don't believe it, go to Andy's references and he will demonstrate this.

So there's a lot of reasons why we would find these exosomes. Particularly if you take somebody's snot, which has literally millions of things in it, known and unknown. You incubate that in lung cancer cells and then you purify it. God knows what you're going to get out of there. That is no way that anybody would prove viral causation.

Somebody asked me about grounding jewelry, and if you could speak to the effectiveness to protect against harmful effects of EMF. Number one, I am not an EMF specialist. My understanding is there's two ways to protect yourself against EMFs. One is to do kind of shielding that these building biologist and shielding specialists like, I don't want to mention any names, but there's lots of them who go in with their meters and measure the amount of EMF that you're exposed to. And then they do certain things like put fabric, et cetera, and then they can prove to you that you have none of these electromagnetic fields in your bedroom or in your house and I am 100% for that. I have a little bit of worries, well let's say 99% for that. Because I have a little bit of worries that they're also shielding out the beneficial electromagnetic fields from the heavens and the earth and Jupiter and the sun and all the rest of it.

I don't know if that's the case, but I worry about that. So that is one way to help yourself and there's a lot of people who have that information. Another way, which is what I think if it was up to me, I would get rid of electronic wireless devices, period. I would get rid of the cell phones, all the electronic wireless infrastructure because I think it's poisoning our water. Whether it's the direct cause of this or not, it's poisoning our water. And I think there's a case that it is a direct cause of problems in the forest, problems with insects, problems with human health.

And there's abundant evidence to demonstrate that. And the other thing that I think you can do is what I talked about. The stronger your water is, the more coherent the water in your cells, the more resistant you will be to non-native electromagnetic fields. Crystals probably help with that. I happen to think that water and food and thoughts and prayers are probably the most potent.

I understand there's still hundreds of other questions, but I only have five minutes left, and I want to answer another question which keeps being asked to me. Is which is what would I do... Or what is my suggestion for not only people but the world? And I think it should be obvious by now, that I think this is a turning point for humanity. And the issue is this is a message from water to us to get rid of the poisons, and clean up our act and all the poisons that I mentioned before it's too late. But there's another thing to say because I think the isolation, and the fear, and hatred, and the lying, and the division amongst people is probably, if not one of, if not the, one of the most awful things that I've ever seen in my life. And so my wish for people, and that's the reason I talked about this song, is that when people feel comfortable, I don't want to rush anybody.

I don't want to force anybody. I don't also want to exclude anybody. I don't want to exclude the people... I want to include the people who are supporting me. I want to include the people who are attacking me. I want us all to someday when we're comfortable, emerge from our house. And what I would love is we all start singing Leonard Cohen's hallelujah song. Because what I want to be remembered for, which is the line that this little boy is saying at the end of the song, which is how I want to be remembered after all this, is, I did my best, or I tried my best. It wasn't much. I told the truth. Hallelujah. So with that, thanks everybody for listening, and God bless and we'll talk again.

Tom Cowan