#29: Dr. Andy Kaufman

#29: Dr. Andy Kaufman

Today's podcast is an episode that I have been eagerly waiting to record for a while.  I finally got Andy Kaufman, M.D., to do an entire interview devoted to the history, indications and safe use of one of the cheapest and most effective medicines ever discovered: the amazing turpentine.  Tune in and learn where to get turpentine, what to use it for, how it works and how it can help you and your family with difficult medical problems.  This is an episode you won't want to miss.

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Hello Esmeralda,

You can find the Merk Manual by doing a search online. I was able to find an old facsimile copy on Amazon. But most likely it can be found elsewhere on line.

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Esmeralda on

Hello Dr Cowan, how or where could I get that Merk Manual from 1899? I’m a turpentine user since 2015 and I want to read it. Thank you from Brazil!

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Hello Talya,

Thank you for the comment. Diamond G Forest Products is a fine source for 100% pure pine gum spirits. Creekwood naturals is also a trusted source. We are unable at this time to make any other recommendations.

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Talya Webb on

I tried to order Creekwood Naturals 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine from Walmart but when the package was finally delivered what I received was from Diamond G Forest Products! It does say on the label “Georgia Pine Gum Spirits 100% Turpentine” and that it is made from slash pine trees. I though Dr. Kaufman mentioned it had to come from spruce pine trees?? How can I determine which turpentine is the right one to use medicinally if many of them say 100% pure gum spirits?? Thanks!

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