#70: Dr. Pamela Shervanick

#70: Dr. Pamela Shervanick

In today's "Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends," I interview the third new practitioner for our New Biology clinic, Dr. Pam Shervanick.

In my experience, everyone takes a different path to a new view of medicine. Some, like me, looked at the evidence and reasoning behind conventional science and medicine, whereas others came to view medicine differently as a result of a personal or family medicine crisis. This second path is very powerful, as typically these people know, for sure, that another way is possible.

Please tune into this interview to hear about Pam's path to New Biology medicine and thinking. My guess is it will be very apparent why she is a perfect addition to this exciting venture. 

Learn more about Pam here: https://newbiologyclinic.com/dr-pamela-shervanick

Book your appointment or sign up here: https://newbiologyclinic.com/



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Suzanne on

Wow, love this doc. Almost wish I had a need 🤣

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