#71: Dr. Tatiana Agafonova

#71: Dr. Tatiana Agafonova

I'm excited to introduce our newest member of the New Biology Clinic team, Tatiana Agafonova. Tatiana describes her training and practice in our interview, so I'll say only that I think it will be very clear why we are excited to have her join us.


In the New Biology Clinic, all members choose their main primary doctor, and all members get access to all the enrichment services offered. These services, like the ones Tatiana is offering, include Primal Movement, biofield tuning, guided meditation, breathing-integration, and many more to come.

Non Members are also welcome to book individual appointments with our practitioners.

Join us as we change the structure of health care, right down to the studs.

Learn more about Dr. Tatiana and the clinic here.




* Tatiana is an enrichment services specialist for our clinic, not one of our primary practitioner choices.

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Suzanne on

Love, love, love Network Chiropractic. Have benefited from it off and on for 30 years. You all made a great hire with Tatiana. I’m impressed with every new member in the clinic. Wow, what a terrific offering to the world.

Richie IDELS,OAA on

I was privileged to speak with Dr. Tom by phone a couple years ago. We live in the Toronto area. My wife has been office manager of a health clinic with a number of health professionals. The head of this clinic practices (and my wife’s boss) Marco Caravaggio Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic. I have been a weekly ‘patient for the 9 years Janis has worked there. It has changed my life health wise. When I leave his office I feel as if I am almost in flight. Tom Cowan has always been a major ’hero’ in the office I am thrilled that Dr. Tatiana has joined the new health clinic. The Network approach is so special. I personally believe it’s practicioners must be very special people. It takes a deep personal ability and sensitivity that is very rare! Congradulations to Dr. Tom and the entire new team!

Jaima on

I agree that Tatiana is inspiring, and I felt moved by listening to her. She is a great addition to your clinic. I’m not a member, but am considering it after hearing this interview.

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