#66: Dr. Jon Harmon

#66: Dr. Jon Harmon

In today's podcast, I speak with Dr. Jon Harmon about the Life Wave company and its products. This is one of those situations where a number of people that I trust say they have had positive results from the use of the Life Wave products. In this interview, I wanted to give Jon a chance to explain what these products do, the rationale for their use, and how to use them. I want everyone to decide for themselves whether the Life Wave products belong in their personal healthcare repertoire.  

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mark c on

the cheapest x39 patch set (30?) is 149- and rather expensive for me
but may be a good deal for others
the site has too much marketing and subscription complications
jon doesn’t seem to talk about ascorbic acid vs whole food complex,
where the later contains the copper-rich tyrosinase enzyme, flavinoids and other factors
i like the benefits of bio avail copper and its mutifunctional transporter
for clean oxygen metabolism and iron regulation and recycling
its certainly a versatile element
synthetic vit c often from gmo corn has many problems
besides the glyphosate, it denatures ceruloplasmin and
allows for leaky unbound copper
all of which lead to iron dysregulation, ROS and inflamation
as well as the obvious lack of cupro-oxidase enzyme functions
a better benefit of sunlight is the production of retinoic acid from retinol which loads copper
into the ceruloplasmin transporter and ferroxidase recycler
vit d3 is a storage form and the real workhorse is the active 1,25 diOH vit d
which is produced from substrates by cells and the liver as needed
there’s also alot of new work being done with VSELs
very small embryonic-like cells taken from the blood
they don’t have a telomere clock start date and can be activated
by a laser to turn on and act like stem cells
then unlike full body work specific areas can be targeted
tc might rightfully question the existence of some of these things
but i think most ideas apply to what was discussed by jh..🎶

Sandra George on

Thank you for talking to Tom Cowan to whom I have been talking to about the X39 since I joined Life Wave in 2019 – it is wonderful how God works – congrats – I am sure you will find him an asset to your contacts!!!

Savy Vargas on

You’ve done a great benefit to your audience by having Dr. Harmon’s expertise on your show as well as all the work you’ve done yourself !

Savy Vargas on

I too work the patches as a detox expert and shared your work on water with Dr Harmon

Jennifer on

I use lifewave and confirm the benefits beyond a shadow of a doubt. Just recently, my dog had a severe urinary infection. After 3 vet visits, and 900.00 later, with no improvement, I chose to use the lifewave patches on him. He recuperated and gained his life energy back within 24hrs.
I see the same, harmless, results with human issues. Nature and science has proved Light heals. That’s all we need for wellness!

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