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Energy Harmonizing / Balancing Products

for EMF Mitigation and Improved Health and Vitality

Living Design Technology® has been developed to balance a wide range of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) including geopathic stress and 5G. These tools optimize the potential for well-being and assist nature to create a healthy distribution of electromagnetic energy charge. 

Living Design Technology® (LDT) Harmonizers have been developed to balance a wide range of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), including geopathic stress and 5G. These tools optimize the potential for well-being and assist in restoring nature’s life-supporting original blueprint, to create a healthy distribution of electromagnetic energy. Every environment is different and, therefore, strategic placement of the harmonizers in multiple indoor and outdoor locations, and on or near the body, is strongly advised for best results. 

LDT has an organizing effect on chaotic electromagnetic fields because it provides a full spectrum of healthy stabilized magnetic frequencies common to all living systems. When sufficient full spectrum stabilized magnetic frequencies are present in an environment, they help Nature reorganize the chaotic frequencies to become sympathetic with living systems, much like a magnet organizes iron filings. 

When these tools are properly placed relative to the size of the space being harmonized, and enough of these frequencies are present, people report feeling more vitality, grounded, and an increased ability to focus. When a full and balanced spectrum of all magnetic frequencies common to living systems is present, it creates etheric “Gold Energy.” This is the natural frequency foundation for living systems, also commonly known as healthy prana, or chi. Living Design Technology simply provides the organizing information, and nature does the work. 

Don't know where to start?

The process of harmonizing your personal and living spaces can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Start with 1 simple step: harmonizing your smart phone!

For a similar price as what you might spend on an inexpensive phone case to protect your device, you can begin protecting your most precious asset, your own physical body, from the harmful effects of 5G and other electromagnetic waves. This is a great place to start. Similarly, investing in a wearable pendant or pocket-sized ceramic harmonizer, or even some small cards to wear in your shoes, are other inexpensive and effective ways to start protecting yourself by harmonizing your personal biofield.

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How LDT Technology Works

Living Design Technology® (LDT) provides balancing and harmonizing information for nature to transform chaotic energy, or quantum noise, generated by electrical fields, geopathic stress and other sources of environmental toxicity. This full spectrum of healthy frequencies also creates etheric “Gold Energy”, which is the frequency foundation of life for living systems. LDT has an organizing effect on chaotic electromagnetic fields because it provides a full spectrum of healthy stabilized magnetic frequencies common to all living systems, assisting nature in self-balance. Through conscious organization of natural and human-made environments, chaotic, life depleted electromagnetic fields and other energy imbalances are effectively synchronized with the vibrational balance of nature’s own blueprint, resulting in rejuvenation and restoration over time.

These tools work with nature the way nature works, bridging scientific principles such as Earth Systems Science and bio-electromagnetics with ancient philosophies that harness the power of sacred geometry, prana and Feng Shui, that contribute to inner and outer harmony and, ultimately, world peace.

For additional information, please refer to the detailed descriptions for each product, our informational videos, and our Frequently Asked Questions. Our team is also standing by to assist you in making the best selections for your specific needs. Please contact us at or via our Contact Us page; include your phone number and the best time(s) to reach you.

Testing and Testimonials


“Several years ago, we tested your product for EMF protection using equipment to measure the energy field of a person. We found that it was not only effective at protecting the person’s energy, but it was able to restore a person’s energy to a state at least as good as the energy state of the person before exposure to EMFs. Having repeated this process of exposing people to EMFs and seeing how your product was able to restore their energy every time, convinced us of its effectiveness. This is even more significant in that we tested many products purporting to ‘protect’ against EMFs, but never found one until we tested yours. We want to congratulate you on offering a product that works, a rarity in this type of products for EMF protection.”

Gaétan Chevalier, Ph.D, Research Director, Psy-Tek Labs.

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We have numerous testimonials stating people experience better quality of life, including peacefulness and improved communication skills, such as having more patience, better focus, improved sleep, greater stamina, improved digestion, and improved responses to supplements.

Plant Growth Experiments

We also have before and after photos of plants that clearly demonstrate better growth when exposed to LDT.

"It has taken me a while to figure out how to express the difference in my bedroom since the addition of your harmonizers. I put them in the four corners. Then the space became very calm. Like I could feel the silence. The peace. It is like my head had been rambling in a chaotic way and now became calm. I’d not noticed the chaos until it was gone and then felt the soft, gentle peace. How wonderful to feel so good and to know that my body is being greatly helped. Not only has my sleeping been great, but during the day I’ve actually been bringing projects into the bedroom to work in that peace."

Sue Cane

History of Living Design Technology

Tika Vales Caldwell, a professional designer, and Richard Spalding Caldwell, an award-winning commercial and residential architect, combined their professions of environmental energy balancing, personal transformation, and architecture for well-being to form Living Design Technology. Both are trained in Vesica Institute Advanced Biogeometry™, creating a New Science of Earth Healing, and promoting Holistic Healthy Homes. In addition to partnering with Dr. Cowan to provide energy harmonizing products, Tika and Richard work with private clients, developers, architects, interior designers, builders, and master gardeners to apply the benefits of energy balancing to their personal lives, homes, and projects. 

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FAQs - Living Design Technology

The full harmonic visible light is a naturally occurring, complete, and balanced multi-dimensional life-supporting spectrum of frequencies. The LDT biodynamic algorithms have duplicated these frequencies, and nature recognizes them and uses this stabilized information to recalibrate according to natural law, to transform chaotic waves of energy to become coherent. We are providing the same information that exists within healthy systems to match the chaotic energy, so nature does not have to be depleted.  

LDT tools are adaptogenic and give the body healthier frequencies to work with to support healthy cellular communication and function. The tools don’t do the work; they simply provide the information, and the intelligence of nature does the work. Legally, we can’t make specific claims; however, you can look at the test results from Psy Tek lab, which demonstrate a supporting healthy flow of prana or chi, as well as numerous empirical evidence showing that people have demonstrated greater physical balance and being more grounded when using LDT products. Many people have reported experiencing better quality of life, including peacefulness and improved communication skills, such as having more patience, better focus, improved sleep, greater stamina, improved digestion, and improved responses to supplements. We also have photos of plants, showing better growth when exposed to LDT.

We do know that the LDT tools are transmuting geopathic stress and common EMFs coming from electrical devices, and assist with transmuting 32 forms of toxicity at the subtle energy level. 

First, the LDT technology is not dependent on the logo, shape, or appearance. LDT makes ceramic tools for largescale environmental applications that look like rocks to blend into the scenery but are very powerful. The products that do have the visible rainbow on them are slightly different in their function, even though they and the natural products are both very potent. The natural products have the same multi-dimensional spectrum of frequencies infused in them and are often used outdoors for large scale environmental application, or inside to harmonize a building. The choice is personal, especially for pendants or pocket-sized small ceramics. The tools with the visible rainbow spectrum offer an enhanced function because the physical representation of color makes a physical difference. Those familiar with Biogeometry understand that the Neters or “consciousness of Nature” recognize the physical color. Some people report that it adds a different quality as it relates to the interaction with their heart, while others prefer the natural.

The overall technology works the same for the rainbow and the natural styles, so choose based on your personal preference. The Rainbow pendants are glazed, and therefore are resistant to staining or discoloration. They also have been enhanced with the full harmonic visible light spectrum. The Natural pendants are just as durable, but the back remains unglazed and therefore porous and subject to discoloration; however, the natural ceramic can also be infused with a few drops of your favorite essential oil for added benefits and enjoyment.

The two types of tools, natural and rainbow, work very well together. In our kits, we often include natural ceramics to do most of the grounding and heavy lifting, and rainbow cards to enhance the grid made with the natural ceramics in the kits. It’s also why we place an LDT rainbow sticker on the magnets, which are already infused with the full spectrum of life supporting frequencies, also known as “gold energy.”

This depends on the individual. People come in different sizes, with different energy patterns and beliefs. Of course, there are general patterns that seem to be duplicated. Tika, co-founder of LDT, wears both an LDT small rainbow pendant, and a BiogeometryTM bio signature pendant from Dr. Karim. Depending on the application (yoga class, hiking, etc.), she may also place rainbow cards in her shoes or a back pocket. Dr. Cowan, Asher Cowan and others on our team also wear multiple tools. Some people prefer to use a small LDT rainbow or natural ceramic harmonizer in their pocket. You do not have to wear the tool near your heart or any other specific location; the information just needs to be in the energy field. People with health issues or balance issues may find multiple harmonizers placed near specific locations on the body to be more helpful than others. We call this fine tuning. If you have questions, please contact our customer support team.

When an “average” person (if there is one) wears a small rainbow ceramic pendant, the influence on their field typically ranges from 3 -5 feet. However, the range of the field can change relative to a person’s aura, mood, and location, depending on the person’s surroundings and other tools, rocks, crystals, gem stones, etc. the person might be wearing.

We offer various “kits” that make it simple to lay a good foundation for stabilizing the energy to harmonize a space. The kits are a good place to start, and we recommend reviewing the suggested uses and placement in the product descriptions. You can read what is laid out and it will inform your intuition. 

Whether you wish to harmonize one room, one floor or an entire house, the principles are the same, in that you need to stake out the area you want to harmonize. Think of it like pitching a tent: you need to stake out the grid, and then you pitch the tent to create a dome (energy-harmonizing biofield). We typically recommend the LDT Medium Natural Ceramic Harmonizers to “stake the tent” or create the grid that defines the area and grounds all the energy. These tools work with the earth energy and human-made electrical fields in the environment. Then, we add other LDT ceramics, rainbow cards, and magnets in proximity to electrical field generators (smart meters, house grounding wire, fuse box, routers, computers, electronic devices, appliances, etc.) to pitch the canopy of gold energy. 

The LDT tools, especially in the right configuration relative to the stress in the environment, reorganizes the chaotic fields to become life supporting. Much like a magnet can reorganize the direction of iron filings scattered on a glass tabletop, if you run the magnet underneath the glass near the filings, they will align in the same direction. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed.

For additional information, please refer to our product descriptions, our informational videos and our other Frequently Asked Questions. If you are still unsure of what you need for your specific environment, our team is available to assist you. Please contact us at or via our Contact Us page; include your phone number and the best time(s) to reach you.

The Living Design Technology® tools are extremely compatible with Biogeometry tools and can be tested using Biogeometry methods and principles. LDT’s founders were both trained in Biogeometry under Dr. Ibrahim Karim. Tika Vales Caldwell took multiple advanced courses and did a largescale project in 2008 with Dr. Gilbert at the Vesica Institute in Asheville. Richard Caldwell is an architect and has worked with Dr. Karim on several projects. The Caldwells still use their Biogeometry tools and value Ibrahim’s work tremendously. LDT technology complements Biogeometry tools, creating a layering effect that is highly beneficial. Dr. Cowan and other members of our team also use multiple Biogeometry and LDT tools.


The LDT tools were designed for a population that may not be aware of Biogeometry and might never study this level of detail. LDT does not compete with Biogeometry but, rather, compliments it. One point of difference is our tools are stable and never have to be cleared. They create a full spectrum of multi-dimensional harmonic light or gold energy, and assist in anchoring the grid of golden light, to amplify harmony and assist Gaia and all living systems with the tremendous transition we are in right now. 

LDT tools are completely complimentary and in no way do we intend to compete with Dr. Karim. The world needs everyone and everything that is in harmony with nature to layer together to make a very powerful harmony weave in the physical and the unified energy field at large!

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