‘I Have Energy And Feel Happier’

By Tom Cowan, M.D.

Our one-month trial of the crystal therapy is coming to an end, and I wanted to share with you the interesting feedback I have received. About 50 people participated in the trial, and about half shared their feedback. (As a reminder, the therapy consists of an iridium crystal whose energy is focused by certain geometric patterns and brass discs. The discs are placed over the heart and solar plexus, one at a time.)

The official name for this therapy is Solid State Technology (SST), but people are calling it the “crystal therapy,” “disc therapy” or even the “energy therapy.”   For accuracy, ease and clarity, from now on I am going to refer to it by the name given by its creator, which is SST.  The “rules” of this past month were that people signed up to do the 45-minute session (consisting of four geometric patterns) without any other guidance, expectations or directives.  The participants sat in a quiet room, took all the metal and electronic devices off their bodies, and Laura or Alyssa laid the discs on the appropriate part of their body in the prescribed manner.  For ease, we used one pattern for everyone, although specific patterns exist for different people and different conditions.

We asked for no payment, only that people give us their honest and accurate feedback two to three days after the session.  I welcomed people saying they felt nothing at all, which clearly was the case for a few people.  In no case did we hear any negative comments.  Here is part of the feedback we heard.

From a patient with long-standing colitis with unremitting symptoms for years:

I had the new treatment this past Thursday at 5 p.m.

Today was the first day in six years that I have not had to go to the bathroom for a long period — 9 a.m.  to 6 p.m., and I still have not had to rush to the bathroom. Is there a correlation? I hope so. Should I try another treatment? Thank you so much.

The next day she wrote:

In addition, I had normal poop thus morning, and I have energy and feel happier. It seems too good to be true. I feel like my inside has changed.

This second piece is something we heard at least a dozen times.  In fact, Laura and Alyssa tell me that people often fall asleep during the session.  Clearly, the SST has a relaxing, calming effect.

I had 45 minutes of total peace and relaxation. I looked a lot at the orange salt lamp (nice touch).

Here is a variation on that theme; as far as we know the patient has no known kidney disease:

The iridium experience was unusually fantastic. I felt as though I entered
another dimension of relaxation. At times I had the sensation of certain
areas having energetic explosions adjacent to my kidneys. Can I do it again?

This feedback is much more in depth and, again, is something that came up with a number of participants:

Much to my surprise, when the disc was placed on my chest just below my neck, I immediately felt a sensation go up my neck and into my jawline and up into my right ear. That was the side of my face that I reported to you that I had a sore throat the night before. The sensation during that first disc eventually made its way across the entire right side of my face.

Simultaneously, there was also a sensation on the left side of my neck and into my ear. That sensation stayed concentrated around my ear. Historically, I have had tinnitus and Bell’s palsy (40 years ago) on the right side of my face and tinnitus in my left ear. Curiously, the tinnitus was absent for several hours after my treatment!

As soon as the first disc was removed, the sensations immediately stopped. Upon the placement of the second disc, the sensations came back as described above on both sides of my face and continued during this second phase of treatment. In addition to what I have described above, during the second phase I also started having sensations across my right foot at the toes and a pinpoint pressure just below the ankle bone on the inside of my right foot. This area was also historically the site of a very serious crushing injury about 30 years ago.

From another patient with arthritis:

The session was very pleasant and relaxing. I was having an anxious morning and felt much more calm when I left the office but (was) still at the effect of my anxiety throughout the day.

I also received my supply of (low-dose) naltrexone yesterday afternoon and took one pill before bed.
I can report that I awoke this morning with NO pain my left rib/back. I can’t even palpate it to make hurt. This the first time in 2 years that this has occurred. I am sort of “amped “ this morning, but not the same anxiety I have been experiencing, so I don’t know if it is the crystal or the naltrexone.

And another one:

Alyssa placed the first disc on what I assumed was my heart chakra.   Soon after I experienced what I often experience in meditation, and that is a heightened awareness and focus.   At times that focus would particularly center on my third eye and a rich magenta circle would appear.   It was overall very relaxing.

To preamble this next phase, I need to say that I have neuropathy in my feet and lower legs.   I do not experience pain as some folks I have talked to with this condition experience.   It is just a numbness, and when I wear woolen socks during bedtime, the warmth it engenders seems to displace the numbness.   So when Alyssa put the second disc on my solar plexus, I slowly began to feel a “flow” in that area and also an increasing warmth as if the numbness were being “bumped” out of existence.   Interestingly, the new openness in my legs and feet continue.   I have more kinetic awareness of my feet and lower leg than prior to this treatment.

(A little more than a week later, she wrote back to say the positive change in her feet and lower legs was continuing.)

These pieces of feedback, along with others, have been encouraging enough that, even though I can’t really explain what is happening, I have to conclude that something helpful is happening.  That, combined with the fact that I see no possibility of harm from this therapy, makes me want to continue.

Toward that end, we are going to continue these basic 45-minute sessions, now for $45 per session.  This charge will help cover administrative costs.  In addition, we can put this money toward the purchase of the more specific patterns.  My wife and I have done a session about once a week for eight to 10 weeks now.  We both like it, we sleep better after doing the sessions, and I have a stubborn rash that is fading.   SST is not a treatment for any disease; at best, it is a way to help our energy “bodies,” and even if we don’t know exactly what that means, it seems to be a good thing.

To schedule your appointment, just contact the front desk at (415) 334-1010.

Thank you for your ongoing trust and support.

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