Join Me for a Docuseries on Creating Resilience

Hi, everyone. Recently, I was interviewed as part of the “Endgame” docuseries that is due to air this week.  The person who interviewed me, Patrick Gentempo, is probably familiar to many of you, as he has been an integral part of previous series done on vaccines and cancer.

Although I am not intimately familiar with the overall intention of the series, my understanding is the basic idea is to empower people to take as many aspects of their lives into their own hands as possible. Although no one can say with certainty what might be in store for us, the past year and a half has brought challenges — physical, emotional and spiritual — that very few of us saw coming. To ensure the future we all want, creating health and resilience for ourselves, our families and our communities seems essential.

My mission is to provide the framework for a whole new understanding of biology, health and medicine.  The interview with Patrick gave me a good opportunity to express some of these ideas in a clear way.   Please join me in participating in this interesting docuseries as we co-create the world we choose, not the world chosen for us.

Click here to register to save your seat and watch the docuseries for free. I hope you enjoy the series!

* Please note that starting on May 25th, episode one will go live.  It will be free to watch for 24 hours. That will be followed by 8 additional episodes for the series. Each is free to watch for 24 hours before being replaced by the next episode in line.

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