Healthcare Consults On Demand

Join the new, exclusive members-only service and get unlimited consultations from Dr. Cowan’s trained and certified specialist. You and your loved ones will receive personalized care, as often as you need, that specifically aligns with Dr. Cowan’s approach to health and wellness.

What's included?

Enjoy a fully-loaded toolkit to support your family's health.
Unlimited private virtual office visits
Licensed medical practitioner who mentored under Dr. Cowan for over 2 years
Members-only roundtable discussions with Dr. Cowan and our practitioner on various health topics
Dr. Cowan’s Members-Only Resource Library
(coming soon)
Group fitness sessions
One monthly fee for individuals or families
Discounts on future Educational Courses

A service designed for you.

Our New Biology Clinic was born of Dr. Cowan’s profound desire to be a healing force for the world and his commitment to the health and wellness of the community. You asked for it, we’re delivering:

  • Practical, personalized care aligned with Dr. Cowan’s New Biology approach to medicine and health
  • A holistic service informed by Dr. Cowan’s work, founded on the ideas you’ve learned from his blogs, podcasts, and livestreams
  • Made for families or individuals 

Two no-fuss options


$49 + $150

     /month                                     (one-time)     


(2 adults plus all dependent children in household)

$99 + $150

     /month                                    (one-time)     

*Plus $150 one-time patient-activation fee (once per individual or family); Minimum 6-month membership

Includes unlimited private consultations and group fitness sessions with a movement management instructor (plus discounts on individual sessions).
Our clinic service begins in January 2023, and we anticipate a high demand. By pre-ordering, you will lock in your membership at the current price rate and enjoy VIP priority booking for private consultations when we start taking appointments. Membership reservation fees cover your one-time activation fee and first month of membership (to

begin January 2023).

The next evolution in healthcare.

Dr. Cowan has honed his revolutionary approach to the practice of medicine over more than 37 years of private practice, providing hope and healing to numerous patients. However, most practitioners across the U.S. are not familiar with the New Biology or the therapeutic use of structured water, sea plasma, Strophanthus, NADH, hibiscus, beetroot juice, and other natural treatments to heal the body and restore health.

Retired from active practice, Dr. Cowan has not been able to provide personal medical advice. He continues to lecture, publish, and talk on a weekly basis about various general health topics, but we know that’s not enough to satisfy the individual healthcare needs of our community. The New Biology Clinic is our response to those needs. More details:

  • Get access to unlimited one-on-one consultations
  • One-time activation fee includes a baseline health evaluation and treatment plan for patients’ specific needs
  • Six-month engagement ensures time to establish a partnership between patient and doctor, with both free to consult as often as necessary without additional costs
  • Designed to deliver affordable, optimized care with the highest level of personalization 
  • A viable solution for long-term general healthcare for individuals and families with savings of hundreds of dollars per hour
  • An evolving service that will include new features on a regular basis