“Silver Venus 6 LifePower” Basic Crystal-Vortex Shower Head | Aquadea - Human Heart Cosmic Heart

“Silver Venus 6 LifePower” Basic Crystal-Vortex Shower Head | Aquadea

From Dr. Cowan: The interior of this showerhead, made by the Aquadea company in Germany, is lined with gold, silver and crystals in a very precise pattern.  Based on the work of Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian forester, inventor and philosopher, the chamber inside the showerhead creates a torus energy field that greatly enhances the creative energy of the emerging water.  Astonishingly, putting the water through this internal vortex chamber creates a suction, which one can feel by putting your hand on the emerging water. 

This suction phenomenon exactly mirrors how the heart interacts with the blood in our bodies.  The purpose of this energetic field is to imbue the water with the energy that creates life.  You will feel energized taking showers with the showerhead’s water, and your plants and animals will have improved health and vitality if given this water. 

The showerhead is not meant to purify the water, although there is evidence that it does make the impure elements in the water less harmful to plants, animals and people.  Still, it is best to purify the water first, and then put the showerhead on the pipe or hose from which the water emerges.

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With 6 implosion vortex chambers.
Bronze coated with pure silver.

In tradition with the works of Viktor Schauberger.

This jewel vortex shower consists of the following components:

  • a resonance plate made of bell bronze, coated with fine silver
  • a central crystal vortex chamber: please decide the crystal
  • 5 vortex chambers arranged in a perfect pentagram - the Venus flower.
  • if an Aquadea shower handles Standard CBH - fits any shower hose - or a holder for the standard US: It's up to you.



Rock crystal brings clarity and vitality. As one of the most important harmony and healing stones, it improves the perception of the outside and inside world, strengthens the personality and has a power-giving effect.



Silver brings freshness and awareness like a mountain stream.
It evokes inspiration and wealth of ideas and encourages creative solutions.
Especially in situations of change, silver provides grounding and stability - and gives you support for treading new paths.
Another property of silver is its antiseptic impact, which has been used by humans for centuries.

The combination of silver and rose quartz is particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Quartz in combination with silver, implosion & sacred geometry creates a torus of high purity clarity.

Silver is the metal with a universal effect and is therefore also suitable as a family shower.

The crystal vortex chambers are very small, so a vortex with reversal and conversion of pressure into suction is created. At the tip of the vortex, we reach about 3 times the speed of sound. The water is only in the chamber for a very short time but passes through a complex vortex & nature geometry pattern there. The clusters & information are dissolved, down to a colloid size of less than 100 nm.

An immense amount of negative ions were created, like at the waterfall.

The Aquadea showerhead forms up to 4309,000 pcs/cc (comparable to waterfalls in nature). Scientific studies show that negative ions can reduce stress, stimulate blood circulation, balance PH levels in the body, and improve breathing.

The vacuum created in the vortex chamber sucks in air and increases the oxygen content of the water to a natural maximum.


Energy vortices - considerations

The Aquadea Shower creates strong energy vortices through the water vortexes, which rotate clockwise and draw the energy of the inverted magnetism, which rotates counterclockwise, inwards, causing it to transmute.
Every being that is within this vortex field is invited in the torus field, which is constantly being formed, to follow the path to a higher harmony. And to walk out of disturbing resonances in this space.

The power of the vortex can lead to a higher state of consciousness.
If self-centering is not aimed for, this energy can lead to an imbalance.

By pulling this "centrifugal and centripetal" vortex force, many souls who have been submerged for eons and believe negativity is part of their being can have the opportunity to get rid of weights that now no longer need to be carried on their shoulders.

There may be many such vortices on the planet surface, each of which
for the people and for Gaia energy, life force generated and distributed
These torus vortices lead the water from apathy to consciousness, joy, and power. And transfer this light to people & nature.


An exciting and unbelievable experiment

If you shower for the first time with an Aquadea shower, then you can try the following:

  1. Weigh yourself before showering. Make a note of the weight.
  2. Then dry off quickly and weigh yourself immediately after showering for at least 7 minutes. Now the scale may show 500 g to 5 kg less than before the shower.
  3. Viktor Schauberger, the Austrian natural scientist, has already made these experiments in 1935, with drinking normal, lifeless tap water and drinking high spring water. If someone drank 1 kg of very living water, he often weighed only 500 g more instead of 1 kg more.
  4. (The "lost" weight when showering usually reappears after 30 minutes or after several hours). The effect is strongest when you use the Aquadea Vortex Shower or Aquadea Water for the first time.


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