There’s Hope for Cells Damaged by Glyphosate

By Tom Cowan, M.D.

Since writing the book Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, I have been talking about the crucial importance of structured water to all life forms.  In Vaccines, Autoimmunity and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness, I presented the idea that all of the water inside our cells is highly structured, and that this cytoplasmic structured water should be properly seen as the defining, controlling influence in the life of the cell and in the life of the entire organism.

What do I mean by this?  I’m saying that the structuring of the cellular water into a gel inside our cytoplasm:

  • controls the expression of our DNA
  • creates the all important distribution of Na and K inside and outside our cells
  • creates the charge across the cell membrane, which allows the cell to do its work
  • creates the electrical charge that allows the flow of electrons, which — properly seen — is how our nerves function.

This cytoplasmic gel serves as THE receptor site for everything from hormones, chemicals, toxins, thoughts and emotions.  While I don’t expect anyone to take my word for these statements, in my upcoming book, Cancer, and the New Biology of Water, I make the case for each of these claims.

The way the intracellular gels are formed is analogous to the way one makes Jell-O.  With Jell-O, you add gelatin proteins to water, and you heat the mixture, which unfolds the proteins, allowing them to interact with water.  Then, upon cooling, this gelatin protein-water complex forms itself into an electrically negative gel.  In our cells, I argue that there is a network of intracellular proteins, there is water, and there is ATP, a coenzyme that plays the role of the heat in forming “Jell-O.”  ATP binds with the ends of these intracellular proteins, unfolding them, and thereby allowing them to interact with the water inside the cells to form these gels.

A cell with a degraded intracellular gel is a dead or diseased cell; it is like an out-of-tune radio that is unable to properly pick up signals from the outside world.  It loses its ability to maintain its distance from surrounding cells (hence, tumor formation); it shrinks, thereby losing its connection to neighboring cells, and it loses its voltage and can no longer transmit signals.  This phenomenon becomes the basis for such common diseases as leaky gut, allergies, tumor formation and neurological diseases. In sum, the formation of intracellular gels is the physical basis of our life force, or what Rudolf Steiner called the etheric body.

Last weekend I spoke at a conference in Washington State about the whole vaccine controversy.  A fellow speaker was a physician named Zach Bush, who showed me some of his work that, in many ways, gave me pictorial evidence confirming the above theories about the role of water and intracellular gels in our health and disease.  His lab in Virginia has perfected the ability to develop images of these intracellular gels and to actually characterize the proteins that serve as the intracellular matrix.  The pictures are as astounding as they are beautiful.

He also showed me that when one introduces the herbicide glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) into the environment of these healthy cells, the gel matrix deteriorates, becoming shrunken, distorted and dysfunctional.  This is clearly the mechanism for how glyphosate kills plants, our inner microbes and eventually causes disease in every type of organism.   He presented a clear and compelling case that glyphosate, a Monsanto offshoot of the highly toxic Agent Orange, which has sickened so many people in Vietnam and U.S soldiers, is an existential threat to the life of the our planet.

Then, to bring a measure of hope to this sad tale of the massive poisoning of the earth and our food, he showed pictures demonstrating that when you add his product Restore to these glyphosate-damaged cells, the cells are restored to their previous healthy, hydrated, gel-filled state.  The photo above shows healthy cells on the left, and degraded cells that were exposed to glyphosate on the right.

Restore is a liquid made from purified, “processed,” ancient, undisturbed soils.   It is processed so that it enhances its ability to interact with the gel formation process and to restore its integrity.  This substance is an unbelievable breakthrough in the treatment of anyone suffering from just about any kind of malady and for anyone exposed to glyphosate through food, air or water.  Unfortunately, this second category includes all of us.

In its essence, Dr. Bush’s work not only confirmed for me the crucial role of the intracellular gels, but also provided hope that there is some help to be had for those whose eyes are open to this huge danger we are facing.   Restore should be considered a foundational medicine, not for this or that condition, but for the condition of a disturbed ability to create the basis of our life body.

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