Why I Think These Tinctures Produce Better Results

By Tom Cowan, M.D.

Much of my professional career has revolved around the search for safe and effective medicines for my patients.  As you can imagine, many factors need to be considered, especially when it comes to natural or herbal medicines.   Herbs clearly have different properties, depending on how they are grown, processed and stored.  Also, herbs generally become effective through their metabolism in the gut, which turns them from raw ingredients to active compounds. This transformation is something that the processing of the medicine can either facilitate or inhibit.

Through the years, I have increasingly relied on the tinctures made by a small natural-medicine company called Raw Revelations.  Consistently, even when using the same herbs from another source, I have found that the Raw Revelations products produce better and more consistent results.  There are a number of reasons for this outcome. First, all Raw Revelations tinctures are made from either certified organic, biodynamic or wild-harvested ingredients.  Such sourcing is an absolute requirement for any medicine that I use.   Second, all the Raw Revelations tinctures are either double or triple extracted.  This means that they use either an alcohol or glycerin extraction (or both), along with a hot spring-water extraction to prepare their tinctures.  The active ingredients in herbs are either fat-soluble (and extracted with alcohol or glycerin) or water-soluble and extracted through a hot-water extraction.  Raw Revelations, unlike any other company I know, does both for each herb.  This means in each tincture, we get the plants’ complement of active components.

In some of the tinctures, they include a fermented version of a particular herb, a version that has been shown to unlock the  therapeutic potential of that herb.  One example is the Raw Revelations adaptogen formula IQ, which helps people adapt to stress. The ginseng in this formula is a patented fermented ginseng that has been shown to increase the effectiveness of the herb.  Generally, the fermentation would have to take place in the GI tract, but this process is difficult in the case of ginseng.  By fermenting the ginseng beforehand,

the herb becomes much more bioavailable and therefore therapeutically effective.  As a result, many patients who have said they had no effect from previous adaptogen formulas notice clear effects from IQ.

And, finally, Raw Revelations is the only company I know that stores their tinctures in Miron jars.  As I have pointed out here and on our Dr. Cowan’s Garden website, Miron jars not only screen out harmful UV waves that degrade the quality of the contents, but they also increase the energetic quality of the tinctures.

Here are the current Raw Revelations tinctures we carry. For longer descriptions, please consult the product descriptions on the website.  Herbal dosages are best individualized, but, generally, one dropper-full or seven pumps, twice a day, is a good place to start.  Adjust from there depending on your reaction.  As always, we welcome feedback about our products.

Chaga: Contains the fat-soluble components of the valuable chaga mushroom.  A perfect compliment to drinking chaga tea.
IQ: The premier adaptogen formula that helps anyone adapt to stress and improve brain function, endurance and immune function.
Super 3: An algae-based omega 3 supplement with algae oil and the valuable antioxidant astaxanthin, which helps support eye health and overall immune function.
Balance: Contains full-spectrum extracts of passionflower and nettles.  Passionflower relaxes the nervous system and contains an active aromatase inhibitor that helps normalize hormone levels.  Nettles are one of the premier iron-rich herbs that also help support normal responses to a variety of allergens.
Iodine: Probably the safest and most effective form of oral iodine.
Immune Warrior: Perhaps my favorite medicine for combatting any infection. It contains highly bioactive forms of the two premier Amazonian herbs, cat’s claw and pau d’arco, each of which have proven activity against a number of infectious agents as well as well-documented immune-enhancing effects.

Note: This week’s 10 percent discount, which applies to RR tinctures only, will be applied at checkout. 

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