#49: George Wiseman- Aquacure

#49: George Wiseman- Aquacure

Today's podcast interview is with inventor and scientist George Wiseman, the creator of the AquaCure device. First, let me say I am no expert on the engineering or mechanics of the AquaCure device, but as you will hear in this interview, the concept behind the AquaCure device is simple and profound. 

The function of the AquaCure is to generate something that has historically been called "Brown's Gas," named after its original promoter. Brown’s Gas contains molecular hydrogen historically used for a variety of uses, including to fuel blow torches. A relevance for us is that molecular hydrogen is our main nutrient, comprising about 62 percent of our molecules. 

Molecular hydrogen is formed in our large intestine through the work of our gut microbes digesting hydrocarbons in foodstuffs. Because of the dramatic impoverishment of our gut flora in the past 100 years, most of us are unable to generate adequate molecular hydrogen, which means we are not able to repair our tissues. The result is illness and disease. In other words, as I have so often pointed out, we don't actually suffer from a particular "disease"; rather, we are starved or poisoned when we are sick. Molecular hydrogen, arguably, is our most important nutrient, and its deficiency leads to virtually all of the "diseases" modern people experience.

I would encourage anyone who is interested in improving their health to check out the website, watch the videos, read the blogs, and study the scientific papers that all document the health benefits of breathing and drinking air and water that is enhanced with molecular hydrogen. I have been using an AquaCure device in our home for about three months, most of the water I drink is hydrogen enhanced, and I try to breathe in the gas at least an hour each day. The device is easy to use, easy to maintain and seems to be a valuable addition to our growing natural-health, water-based therapies.  

George has graciously given our community members a 5% discount with the code Cowan at checkout. View his shop here.