Strophanthus Increases the Charge of Our Tissues’ Water

Strophanthus Increases the Charge of Our Tissues’ Water

As I enter my third decade using various preparations of strophanthus seed extracts with patients, customers, friends, family members and myself, I am continually surprised at learning the benefits from this amazing medicine.

The fact that strophanthus seed extracts, along with their active ingredient, ouabain, would help a variety of medical conditions stems from ouabain’s power as one of the few cardinal absorbents, according to cell physiologist and biochemist Gilbert Ling.  This means that, along with a few other substances, ouabain is able to penetrate the structure of the water in our tissues and stimulate a more robust charge emanating from that tissue.  In simple terms, this means that the charge of our tissues, the electromagnetic force that some call our life force, is essentially derived from the electrical nature of water.  Ouabain increases this charge, resulting in more “energy” for metabolism, better detoxification of the tissues and, ultimately, better health of the tissues.  As a result, people experience more energy, greater overall well-being, increased stamina, improved cardiac function and less disease.  The main organ affected is clearly the heart, but recent cases show that the heart is not the only organ that benefits from the effects of ouabain.

Recently, two women told us that their years-long uterine problems, including excessive menstrual bleeding, cramps, pain and growths in the uterus, totally cleared after using one of our strophanthus seed extracts.  No other changes to diet, lifestyle or medicines were undertaken.  Interestingly, the heart and uterus share the same muscle type, so-called intermediate muscle, so there is an obvious anatomical correlation between the heart and the uterus.

These changes were accompanied by improved energy and well-being — again. something commonly experienced by those taking a strophanthus seed extract.  Simply put, if we improve the structure and therefore the charge-generating capacity of our internal water, everything can get better.  This is likely the reason native Africans referred to strophanthus seeds as the “gift from paradise.”

Today, I’d also like to announce the re-introduction of a third strophanthus seed extract to complement our capsules and liquid extract.  Made for us by the master chemist and alchemist Phoenix Aurelius, this new spagyric strophanthus seed extract is made from wild harvested strophanthus seeds.  Like our other two products, independent labs have verified the ouabain content of the finished product, making them the only strophanthus seed extracts in the world that have verified the ouabain levels. 

This new spagyric tincture is the result of an alchemical process in which the earth (ash), air (vapor or steam) and liquid (extract) phases are first separated and then brought back together.  This process allows the full spectrum of elements present in the original seed to be present in the final product.  Phoenix did extensive testing on this strophanthus spagyric tincture, looking for its effect on the heart, the parasympathetic nervous system and many other organ systems.  He was consistently impressed with the wide spectrum of benefits this plant can bring to its users.

Even though this is a new product in the strophanthus pharmacopeia, I couldn’t pass up the chance to “midwife” a truly original strophanthus product into the world.  We know this tincture has the safety profile of our other two strophanthus seed products.  We know the ouabain content is similar, and we know it has been safely and effectively used with a small number of people.  Where this product ultimately fits in to the overall use of strophanthus remains to be seen. 

If you are happy with your current strophanthus formulation, stick with it.  If you are new to strophanthus, you might enjoy the ease of this new product.  The dose is one to two drops, two or three times a day, depending on your reaction.  Give it one full bottle to assess your response, and let us know what you experience. 

We felt it was important to produce a U.S.-made product to diversify our strophanthus offerings, so we’re very excited about this new addition and expect to see many more people experience the benefits of this most amazing plant. 

Check it out here.

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