#27: Robin & Shelley Hulbert

#27: Robin & Shelley Hulbert

How to Make and Use Biodynamic Preparations

Today, I had the great pleasure to re-connect with two old friends from Peterborough, NH. I’ve known Robin and Shelly Hulbert for at least 30 years, as our sons were friends growing up.

In the past few years, Robin and Shelly started a business selling biodynamic preparations, which they make themselves on their homestead in New Hampshire. The BD preps are the centerpiece of the biodynamic gardening and farming method, and as almost anyone knows who has tried to make them, they are nearly impossible for a single gardener or homesteader to produce. Yet, in many ways, they are the keys to building healthy soil and growing healthy plants and animals.

In this conversation, you will learn the history of the BD preps, how they are made, how they are used and, most important, how to obtain them and use them in your own garden. This project is clearly a labor of love for Robin and Shelly, and I am happy to help spread the word.



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