#46: Dr. Amandha Vollmer

#46: Dr. Amandha Vollmer

Hi, everyone.

On today's podcast, I talk with Amandha Vollmer, a well-known Canadian naturopathic physician. Amandha is clearly knowledgeable about many topics in natural medicine, but we focused this first conversation on an increasingly popular (and ancient) practice known as urine therapy.

Amandha shares some of the science, history and practice of urine therapy, including observations from her patients as well as her own journey. This is a subject that we all need to be aware of, as it seems urine really is the "golden elixir" and the "fountain of youth."

Please join me for this fascinating conversation with one of the real pioneers in natural healing.




Amandha's websites:

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John Orban on

Wonderful interview. Amandha is one of my go-to people for all things holistic. God bless you both for bringing sanity back to health care!

Diane on

When will Dr. Vollmer write her next book on Shivambu?

Bigfan on

I really like Amandha’s dmso book. Is she going to write a book on urine therapy? And I am now a huge fan of Tom. Tom’s books are all so good. Question Tom – can’t you make paperback versions so they are more affordable? Love Tom’s question – for the “normalish” person, HAHA. I first encountered urine therapy at a health conference back in late 80’s and thought the guy was wacko. Yep, had that reaction just like Amadha described. Then I heard Dr. Edward Group talk about it last year and I was blown away. He has a whole website devoted to it now. So great that this knowledge is becoming more known bit by bit I guess. Our own medicine cabinet, no need for drugs!!! Yeehaw! So exciting, makes me want to jump and dance and woop woop.

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