#47: Selina Delangre

#47: Selina Delangre

This week’s podcast episode features Selina Delangre, owner of Selina Naturally, which is the parent company of Celtic Sea Salt. I heard about Celtic Sea Salt about 35 years ago. I don’t think I’ve eaten another kind of salt ever since.

Today we’re going to hear more about Celtic Sea Salt, how to use it in your every day life, and why Selina’s salt is different and more nutritionally-dense than others.

Selina has kindly offered a discount code for anyone in our community who is interested in purchasing her products. You can use the code DrCowan20 for 20% off your order. Find her website here: https://www.selinanaturally.com/

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James on

These podcasts are amazing. I’m making it a point to go back and hear all the ones that I missed. Thanks for posting!

Luke Svensson on

I love that her first name is an anagram of “Saline”. Not sure if this was intended by her parents but I feel that I’m seeing this type of “coincidence” more and more.


EXCELLENT..particularly about pottasium and NACL links…

Éva LaRoche on

Great podcast! I’ve been using Celtic sea salt for over 30 years. I went to Selina’s site and couldn’t find where the mineral analysis sheets are for her salt products. I use both the light grey and fine ground salts and would like to have the mineral analysis sheets for both of these. Thank you.

Linda on

Very interesting!!! I have noticed many of my patients have altered sodium metabolism after the Vax and also after a covid infection. This was explained in Dr Zach Bush seminar on the heart. How the ACE receptors in the kidneys were affected. However, would be interested in your comments on this? Love your work Dr Tom. Cheers 🍀

Carol on

Another great show, Dr. Tom.
I bought celtic sea salt the other day to make my sauerkraut, and coincidentally it’s Selena Naturally. Makes me happy!!

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