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Hi, everyone.

Today's podcast conversation is with Matt Maruca, the founder and owner of Ra Optics. As a result of suffering from health challenges, Matt went on a quest to determine what could be the source of his troubles. After years of searching, he stumbled upon the idea that maybe he was exposed to too many unnatural and harmful lights. This realization began a long study of the effects of light on living creatures. 

He was able to determine that sunlight is our primary nutrient. This finding aligns with my own understanding of the components of a living system: Light is its primary source of information. If we are continually exposed to artificial light instead of natural sunlight, our health will inevitably suffer. 

Working with these principles, Matt was able to formulate what he calls his "light diet" and to produce high-quality glasses that block the majority of the harmful blue lights that emerge from our devices. The result is relevant for us all. I have been using the Ra Optics yellow and red glasses now for a few weeks, and they are a good addition to my life. Tune in to hear more about the history and science of the "light diet" and the benefits to your health of Ra Optics glasses.  


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A note from Matt regarding the choice of the eye of Horus as his logo:

"I simply named the company after the Egyptian sun god Ra because I thought it sounded good. This was about the extent of the connection.

Later I learned that that 'A' sound in Ra is said to be the most primitive sound humans made and very powerful at a spiritual level. I have yet to study very deeply into this. I just think it sounds cool and it's powerful, and to me Ra is a sort of "mythological" figure with a deep historical significance for much of human history, particularly the development of all civilization.

As far as the logo, naming a company after an Egyptian god seemed to warrant picking a logo that was related, and I thought of the Eye of Horus because it's sort of looks like the letter R (our first logo used the eye of Horus as the letter R in Ra, but I decided to scrap it), and I thought it was cool and very recognizable, and no major brand currently uses it as their logo.

So, I decided, why not play on 5,000+ years of ancient energetic and spiritual history and try using it as our logo. It seems to be working fairly well, as far as I can tell.

I do find it interesting that the ancient pharaoh Akhenaten who banished polytheism in favor of the worship of one God, the "Aten" or sun disc, which is the first form of polytheism in recorded history, was removed from the pharaohs list, the ancient equivalent of being "canceled" today. It seems as though there was some foul play going on even back then in regards to hiding sunlight, so at a much deeper level I see our brand as a way to bring back the idea that the sun is good and the giver of life in someway. Not necessarily a deity to be worshiped as such, but a force that brings life rather than death and destruction."

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  • Thanks guys. Tom as ever, my hero. But Matt Maruca is very easy to listen to and understand. I have come across various bods over the years in relation to light, e.g. John Ott and have always been bemused to see most folk wearing sunglasses all the time when outside. How ironic that the powers that be want to or are using solar radiation management (SRM) to control our sun in a deluded attempt to control ‘global warming’! This has to be the most illogical thing ever in relation to life on Earth!

    Sue Marriott on
  • Thank you Matt, This was well atriculated for newbies, like myself.
    I’ll share on gab, we are all searching tools that can help us start undoing our poisonous past. Take care.

    Colin Wyse on

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