#56: Marvin

#56: Marvin

Hi, everyone. I consider today's podcasts one of the most important ones I've done. My guest is a young German man, Marvin, and our conversation revolves around his upcoming court case in Germany, as well as the foundations of virology.

Marvin is an engineer who, as a result of a health tragedy in his family, decided to take a deep look at medicine. That exploration led him eventually to virology. Like many of us, he discovered that the foundations of virology are based on anti-scientific misconceptions. Unlike most of us, he decided to do something about this realization. He proceeded to deliberately get himself fined for not wearing a mask, which gained him entry into the German court system. He intends to base his entire case on the anti-scientific methods of virology, specifically, the lack of controls.

He is confident enough in his understanding of these issues that he readily agreed to have me "cross-examine" him, essentially, having me take the side of the virologist. Marvin had no trouble answering any question I put to him. Tune in, and you will gain a further understanding of the massive anti-scientific nature of the entire field of virology.

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Teree on

Hope he got his day.
Surely there’s a follow-up legal approach if hearing was denied via delays.

Others guess the judge was sick w upper respiratory, like all the other jabbinated ?

Sarah on

Congratulations to this very bright young man and Tom for putting together this informative interview….very sadly I suspect this case will never come to court and the message will not get the airing it deserves.

Kim Baptista on

Best Q&A between a pro. and a layman I’ve seen to date. Blessings on Marvin Haberland for his courage in taking on the judicial system.

Koen Van Baal on

Excellent interview as always. Haberland’s case looks pretty clear cut to me. Brilliant. There’s only one question; can we trust the juridical system?

Sonny on

Virology / extermination method
Same / same

Technocracy is 95% marketing and propaganda- it’s not all that sophisticated when the light has been directed at their mediocrity.
Just baffling us with buzzwords and bullshit

Angela on

Maybe you shouldn’t be so public about your plans, or you may not get another court date.

Sue Marriott on

Thanks so much Tom and Marvin. Whichever way you look at it, they are not even comparing apples with oranges but rather kiwis with kittens! Oh look, they are both living things therefore they must be able to reproduce together! I have no scientific background as such but I don’t understand why those that do have, cannot seem to understand what’s wrong with these control-lacking procedures.

Doug George on

To a total anti-vaxxer like me this is pure gold. Proof … concrete proof that viruses do NOT exist and the need for vaccines collapses.
This guy has been summoned to court for disobeying a Covid rule. He is looking forward to smashing the whole covid scam.
Unfortunately they will never let this go to court.

David A Howard on

Elon Musk: Arthur Firstenberg = trustworthy.

Citizen on

Great exercise Dr.Cowan, I’m convinced he’ll do well in court.
Reflecting upon this long standing siege at the mainstream science castle that until recently resembled a rubber hammer hitting a concrete wall, I’ve concluded that the castle is governed by the rules of alchemy rather than the scientific method,.What they call there science is in fact an evolved form of alchemy guarded by linguistic jargon, “agents of hate”, “archers of vitriol” and barkers of narratives. While inside the castle there might be a whole lot of honest individuals well intended, they prefer the safety of their castle rather than harsh realities presented by the scientific method.
More importantly, though I usually detest praising anyone, in this case I cannot restrain myself from thanking you and everyone in your camp for the monumental work you’re doing. I think all of you are great healers of the human soul and we are privileged by your existence. I wish you all the strength you need to continue your work!
With utmost respect,

Victoria Hill on

wow, amazing talk

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