#58: Stefano Scoglio

#58: Stefano Scoglio

Hello, everyone. I hope you are having a peaceful solstice and joyous holiday season. In today's podcast, I hope to give you one less thing to worry about, and that's the "spike protein." I talk with Stefano Scoglio, who has done extensive research into the question of "can mRNA injections result in the production of spike proteins in your body?" I think, as you will see, the answer is a resounding no.

Although these injections are far from safe — far from it — you'll hear exactly how and why they cause damage. This explanation is well-documented, logical and based in science, so please tune in. As always, we welcome your comments.

Happy holidays,

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Simon on

I too am very sceptical about medical science claims around viruses and contagion. However, there does seem to a growing body of anecdotal evidence of the Covid-19 vaccinated negatively affecting the unvaccinated around them. There may be no spike proteins, granted, but could the vaccinated be spreading something else, some other toxin? Or is this just another baseless fear campaign?

Leoq on

I’m so glad that you had this conversation. Thank you! If more people had read Harold Hillman’s “An Indictment of Modern Cell Biology” paper which concisely summarises his life’s work. NOBODY would believe anything that they were told. Any supposed sub-cellular mechanism that explains anything is more than likely nonsense.

Toni on

Thank you so much for everything Tom. So wanted to hear a conversation between you and Stefano. Happy Holidays to you all and especially Pumpkin. Toni

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