#67: Dr. Veronica Tilden

#67: Dr. Veronica Tilden

Hi everyone,

In today's episode of Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends, I interviewed an old friend of 20 years about her "treating infertility program".

Over the years Veronica, a trained DO has worked with countless couples in reversing their infertility. Using the common sense approach that infertility is a result of poor health, she describes how she uses her 6 pillars of health to help the couple restore their health which invariably results in a restoration of their fertility.

Veronica is joining the New Biology Curriculum team and we are offering her restoring fertility program course as one of our offerings. Tune in as we discuss this subject which is clearly and obviously so tied up with the future of humanity.

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Jacquelyn Sauriol on

re honey, it was known in ancient times that if a couple wanted to conceive a son, to give the mother honey on the honeymoon, hence the word honeymoon. From what I understand it affects ph of the body such that a boy is more likely.

Linda McDermott on

That’s hilarious!!! As a Naturopath, I worked for a Dr who was under probation for not following guidelines. Anyway, she wasn’t allowed to prescribe pharmaceuticals without the ok if another GP, so she prescribed natural remedies. She was booked out for months in advance. I also think it has something to do with the time she spent with each patient.

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