#73: Maureen McMichael

#73: Maureen McMichael

A 'New-Biology' Vet Joins Our Team


One of the most vexing issues in many of our lives is how to care for our beloved animal friends and where to go for help when problems arise that we can't resolve ourselves. This issue is particularly poignant when, as we have encountered, most local vets refuse to see animals unless they are vaccinated. For many of us, this is not an option. 


We at the New Biology Clinic decided that we needed to address this issue and look for a holistic vet to join our team. Luckily, within a short time, we were contacted by Maureen McMichael, who is best described as a new-biology vet and all that this entails.


In this interview, you will hear about Maureen's interesting background, how she approaches veterinary medicine and what she will offer through our clinic. We have already started asking Maureen questions about our animals, and we'll be the first to sign up for her holistic vet-care sessions. 

**Please note that Maureen's Pet Health Memberships are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Learn more about Maureen and the New Biology Clinic here.



* Maureen is an enrichment services specialist for our clinic, not one of our primary practitioner choices.

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