#74: Michael O'Bernicia

#74: Michael O'Bernicia

Hi, everyone,

Today's podcast features someone who is not a usual interview guest. After having an in-depth conversation with him about his current work, I realized that our guest, Michael O'Bernicia, has an amazing story to tell about his encounters with certain "powerful" people in politics and finance. 

What I appreciated was that rather than focus on the usual tale of fraud and corruption, Michael came up with an innovative plan that could be a way out of the mess we are in. I can assure you that you will be fascinated and inspired by this unusual and amazing story. 

Link to Michael's website.



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Jim B on

Banks take title to your funds when deposited because its assumed a "general deposit ’ without direction otherwise. When you execute the signature card you direct all deposits are “special deposit” which keeps title of funds with the depositor.

ursa northstar on

pg. 47 liberty, democracy and a task for education (1941 ohio state) harry armogida
the simple counting of noses does not make democratic action. there is nothing inherent in majority action that makes it democratic in and of itself. majority action becomes democratic only as it promotes the democratic ideal. the believer in democracy rejects
the idea that the state is an entity in itself with inherent and immutable rights. the state is just an institution created by man; its only validity arises from the fact that it is an institution established by and subject to man for the purpose of aiding man in his relationships with other men. the state therefore is merely a means of democracy and not an end. no particular form necessarily makes it democratic. it must be judged in terms of its action in particular situations.

Sarah Ammon on

As I understand it, by promissory note you are talking about what we would call in the vernacular, and IOU.

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