#77: Daniel Roytas

#77: Daniel Roytas

Finally, an Explanation for 'Contagious Events'

Hey, everyone.  

Today's episode of "Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends" is easily one of the most important podcasts that I have done these past few years. As you will hear, Daniel Roytas, a former senior lecturer in nutrition in Australia, has taken a deep dive into the scientific evidence for the claim that "flu and colds" are caused by transmissible microbes, i.e. contagion. 

After four years of research, I would say that Daniel has the best handle of anyone alive as to whether contagion is real, and, if not, how and why one might get sick by being around other sick people. This interview will go a long way toward clearing up those long-sought answers to chickenpox parties and other so-called contagious events. 

Please join me in welcoming Daniel to our podcast.

Here is a link to Daniel's book "Can You Catch A Cold?" 



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Dina Farrell on

Very interesting podcast. I have been reading about the connection of (wall paper), pesticides and even milk that was contaminated by arsenic contributing to Polio. So much we do not know and understand about wellness.

Laura Poirier on

Hello, just discovered your website/podcasts and actually I was reading your material decades ago while following and meeting Sally Fallon in 1996! Only a few minutes into this podcast this isn’t something new when you break it down to “healthy” people being around sick people. That makes perfect sense….again, key word “healthy” so when someone gets sick their system really isn’t as healthy and strong as they thought and of course the severity of how sick they do get can be a good measure of “health”. Unhealthy do catch colds, viruses, etc. Thank you!

Caline on

This comes at the perfect time. My husband has a cold and has been sneezing and coughing all over the house. Last night I felt a sore throat coming on. I watched this and realized I was hoping I wouldn’t catch it but felt it was inevitable. Today I decided to “believe” my fire cider will keep me healthy more than I believe I’ll “catch” his cold. I already feel better. 😅 I already know the power of beliefs.

Tina on

Interesting, eye opening and confirming!
Yet i do think medicine makers would not be too interested in this…

Ronald Greenstein on

Do the folks defending the contagion myth ever suggest that the reason that a subject in a contagion oriented study doesn’t become ill is that he or she lacks susceptibility?

Sharyn on

Woh! Thankyou for the most clear and concise interview ever!!! Im so glad that you’ve interviewed such a well research Aussie! This will really help when sharing with others! Great work Tom, blessings to you, Daniel, the Baileys, Stefan…..wonderful work

Sebe Vogel on

The visiters on the dutch popconcerts doesn’t know that the bear has a lower alcohol percentage!

Sebe Vogel on

Dear Tom, on concerts in the Netherlands they have only bear with only 2% of alcohol. It is unpossible to get drunk with that. But there were a lot of people who get drunk of drinking it. Imagination!

Ilene on

The video cuts off around 52 minutes and skips to the end, so missing close to 10 minutes. But loved what I saw! It shows what may be transmitted, and definitely negates the need for vaccines!

Petrus on

Actually, you “can catch a cold.” Not a bug or virus (i.e. anything non-existent), but from the perspective of TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is the understanding of energetic effects that accord with principles of yin/yang, and issues involving qi, and in this particular case, one can experience “cold wind invasion” (as opposed to “heat wind invasion”) which is related to the nature of the atmospheric qi, say, in autumn and winter, when colder qi predominates. So along these lines, and in that kind of sense… you can “catch” a cold.

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