#78: Dr. Andrew Kaufman

#78: Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Hi everyone,

Today we welcome back to the podcast our good friend and collaborator Dr. Andy Kaufman. In today's conversation, Andy goes over "The Power of Pine", specifically Turpentine, and, why everyone should consider Turpentine a foundational healing medicine and be familiar with its many uses. 

You can purchase our Turpentine here. 

You can purchase the replay of Andy's " The Power of Pine" workshop here.



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Hello Jacqui,

Thanks for your comment. We offer a natural alternative to Vic’s at our Dr. Cowan’s Garden Store. The product is called “Winter Armor Tallow Balm” and Turpentine is one of the ingredients.

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Hello Everyone, thank you for commenting. This is the link to Dr. Kaufman’s “Power of Pine” workshop.


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Linda McDermott on

This was an excellent seminar by Dr Andrew Kauffman. I highly recommend watching this for safe natural solutions to clear the fat cells of accumulated toxins.

Jacqui Turnbull on

re Vicks Vapor Rub. It contains camphor oil which is said to be a neurotoxin. Correct?
How can we make a solution of turpentine that is as effective for pneumonia as Vicks Vapor Rub and without the excipients?

Linda McDermott on

Sadly, this seminar has been deleted, also from Dr Andy’s website… I signed up and paid for the heavy metal detox protocol, thinking this was the one on turpentine. I have sent an email to Dr Andy. As a Naturopath, I am already aware of the other detox protocols, however, the one on turpentine, I’m still researching. I do hope the link to that can be rectified. Cheers Linda

Hollie Greenwood on

Hi – the link to obtain Andy’s Power of Pine workshop is broken and has an error when you click on it. Can you email me the proper link?

Sue Kittrell on

I tried the link to the Power of Pine workshop and it appears to have been removed from the Terrain website. Is it still available maybe at another link? Thank you!

Janet Levatin on

I wonder if the turpentine detox protocol helps get glyphosate out of the body. I had this question when I heard Andy talking about this a couple years ago.

Carol on

I am participating in Andy’s power of pine detox challenge. Woo!

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