#80: Kelly Brogan, MD

#80: Kelly Brogan, MD

Hi everyone.

Today's interview is with a previous friend of our show, Kelly Brogan. In this installment, we talk about her new book, that has launched this week, The Reclaimed Woman. As always with Kelly, she is an articulate, inspired explorer of our inner landscape. This is an episode you truly will not want to miss.

You can find Kelly's new book here.

Check out Kelly's program RECLAIMED, and the masterclass series here.


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Marie on


Sue on

Feeling safe bearing in mind one’s vulnerabilities I would argue is one side of the coin, the flip side being feeling free because of one’s strengths. Yin and Yang, if you like, each of which has a little of the other in its centre and becomes the other in perpetual motion.

ellie on

Dr C – THANK YOU for expanding the pool of philosophically compatible, eligible, men. How can I get in touch with them? :D THANK YOU for this interview with Kelly Brogan. It’s wonderful to hear/see her beautiful progression into her lovely feminine self. Bravo!

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