Lab Leaks: Examining the Evidence- webinar from June 5th, 2024

Lab Leaks: Examining the Evidence- webinar from June 5th, 2024

In this webinar, Dr. Cowan reviews Dr. Mark Bailey's latest paper, titled " HIV Inserts, Lies and Lab Leaks" the paper can be found here:

We also did a Q&A with questions previously submitted to us by our listeners and New Biology Curriculum graduates. Topics include:

1. Can we counter the effects of X-rays with grounding techniques and ensuring our internal terrain is healthy or should we avoid these completely? My son needs some dental assistance, and all of the dentists (even the more alternative dentists) are pushing a digital X-ray.
2. How does CBD oil work from a new biology perspective. I have observed that it has an effect on pain and also neurological conditions. What do you think its mechanism of action is? Who do you think can benefit from its use? I can only find a mainstream perspective on this that doesn’t fit the new biology way of thinking.
3. I would appreciate a deeper dive into parasites. What role do parasites have in health? Why do they appear? And do they ‘infect’ from the outside or only appear in a terrain favorable to their purpose? What should be done as a treatment?
4. I'd like to know the benefit of liposomal vitamin C since we now know there is no lipid bilayer, and that C is water soluble therefore wouldn't packing it in fat make it less functional i.e.... There isn't much fat in an orange?
5. What does a healthy natural death look like? Can death be sudden with no warning for an otherwise healthy person?
6. Can you explain Malaria and Dengue fever? Surely this is a real illness caused by mosquitos...or is it?
7. In parts of Ecuador in the jungle you can see dogs and kids full of parasites, current medicine says is because they drink water full of parasite eggs, is this a cause of disease?
8. Do you have any reservations that a contagious entity fulfilling the definition of a virus still exists?
9. Do you think it’s possible that all Covid vaccines are saline? If they faked the virus, couldn’t they also fake the vaccine?
10. Discuss the fact that the USG injury claims data demonstrates a compensable injury rate of 0.0000009% for the covid vaccine and how this relates to the massive number of scientists that supposedly threw away their careers to expose pharma and predict its potential toxicity.

We are also looking for a practitioner to join our New Biology Clinic staff. If interested, please send your resume, cover letter, and a little bit about yourself to

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