Q&A Webinar- April 17th, 2024

Q&A Webinar- April 17th, 2024

In this webinar, Tom discusses his experience with the New Biology Clinic so far and working with our practitioners.

He also answered questions submitted to us from our listeners. Topics included:

1.  As a vitalistic Naturopath down with the New Biology, as well as a skeptic of most of present-day science, which medical/diagnostic tests do you have any faith in? If so (for any of them), why specifically?

2. My Anthroposhical Dr mentioned that they are seeing people are now having trouble converting VitD from the sun. My VitD is low for the first time in my life, yet I get out in the sun and eat Vit D rich foods. Why do you think is happening?

3. Is there a natural remedy for sarcoidosis in the kidneys?

4. Do you have any experience where taking strophanthus led to a drop in a person’s platelet count? 

5. How can we protect ourselves from the " plastics " from the spraying programs? ie. Climate engineering. I know Turpintine will help . Are there any other remedies?

6. Has any credible work been done to discern the content of and differences between the different colors of mucus? Clear, white, yellow and green seem to be the most common. Conventional medicine isn’t very helpful in this arena as usual.

7. Anyone explain why, as a frontline paramedic, I’ve yet to see even one single unequivocal serious Covid patient? Also, my work contacts must be in the thousands, paramedics, nurses, doctors, ancillary staff etc but don’t know of a single one who’s died of this illness? If anyone is going to see the effects of this deadly virus surely it’s us and yet, as I said, I’ve seen absolutely nothing. Why?

8. Does illness have its own frequency that can be triggered?

9. In an interview about your book Human Heart, you commented that heart failure occur when the heart is "pushed" to act as a pump. Can you elaborate in some more detail about HF ? My guess is that there is also a lack of energy at the periphery where the blood circulation starts.

10. It appears improved sanitation has had a major impact on all cause disease reduction. So I guess its fair to say improved sanitation equates to a reduction in people's exposure to human waste. So does Tom agree that toxins must be present in human waste that can induce disease ?

11. Can you talk about what you eat in a day and why?




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