Q&A Webinar- February 21, 2024

Q&A Webinar- February 21, 2024

In this webinar, we held a Q&A session with questions previously submitted to us by our friends on X (formerly Twitter)

Topics included:

1. Dr. Cowan- really enjoyed your recent talk with Tristan on the Decentralized podcast. You made a comment that caught my attention and made me want to learn more. What did you mean by there being no oxygen in the blood?
2. What might be the reasons that Native Americans developed illness and died after the Europeans arrived in the Americas?
3. What is "structured water," and how does it relate to health and disease?
4. I believe the sun is nourishing and healing for our overall well-being. However, many people tell me to avoid the sun as it leads to skin age spots, extra freckles/moles, or skin cancer. Obviously, one gets sunburned with fair skin and long exposure. What’s the right balance of sunshine?
5. Tom, is there any (real)research about metabolism? "Our metabolism is the energy we expend (or the calories we burn) each day". I think it is much more.
6. Can brain damage caused by being born with a stroke be reversed? Less muscle activation on the right side of the body and developmental amnesia caused by a damaged hippocampus.
7. Do you mind speaking to the use of peptides for bodybuilding and "hormone" replacement? Where do these substances belong in achieving optimal health-fitfulness? For whatever it is worth, it appears that the FDA recently reclassified or has restricted their use.
8. What foods boost platelets? Are there any?
9. Given the fact that science has proven that the heart is not a pump and blood starts moving at the periphery, how can we understand the biology behind variations in heart rate E.g., during physical exercise or the increase in heart rate that takes place as a reaction to an emotion?
10. Is DNA a hologram?
11. Is Stevia toxic?
12. Can you please address my question which is would there ever be a scenario where someone would need to take an antibiotic? thank you for all that you do Dr. Cowan!
13. If cells don't exist, how can we explain videos showing cells dividing? (live videos, not animation)
14. What so called contagious diseases and STDs have actually been proven through Koch's Postulates to be actually contagious? What about Tuberculosis and Ebola?
15. Given the work of Harold Hillman--especially with 'The Living Cell'--there is much doubt cast on the content of the cells, so-called organelles. With this in mind, what validity can we place in nutraceuticals, and even herbs with alleged MOAs?



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