Q&A Webinar from February 7th, 2024

Q&A Webinar from February 7th, 2024

In this webinar, we held a Q&A session.

Topics included:

1. Would like to hear Tom's take on Apeel, the supposed edible produce coating.
2. Can you discuss the difference between naturally occurring trans fats, as found in some animal foods, and manmade trans fats? Are dairy products containing natural trans fats safe for daily consumption?
3. Is cooking with silicon bakeware recommended or safe?
4. Is glacier water structured? Can I freeze it and then thaw it and drink only the brewed part? Is water from nature good as a structure if it is not from unpolluted areas?
5. Would you discuss the possible connection between root canals and cancer?
6. Regarding Dr. Lanka's experiment mentioned in the Breaking the Spell book- all 4 experiments are negative controls, which means these 4 experiments were not inoculated with fluid from any sick host. However, any positive controls did? like inoculating the culture with sick host, then increasing ANTIs to 3-fold and not increasing it to prove that only when ANTI is increased and/or starved by reducing the FBS to 2% gives the CPE and otherwise not?
7. What causes ovarian cysts?
8. thoughts on bio-resonance testing?
9. How is it possible to for a child to be born without white blood cells and what should the family do?
10. I watched the latest MS podcast and wondered if the treatment would be the same for Parkinson's. If not, would you please make some suggestions?
11. I'd like to know your perspective and resolution solutions for moles but also other skin blemishes besides harsh topicals or cutting off.



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