Q&A Webinar from June 26th, 2024

Q&A Webinar from June 26th, 2024

In today's webinar, Tom gives an update on the Virus/ No Virus debate.

He also answers questions previously submitted to us by our listeners. Topics are below:
1. Can you go over the lymphatic system how it works how to help it what it does etc?
2. I would love to know what you think the cause of molluscum contagium is. Kids never had that when I was a kid, and now it seems like every kid is breaking out in these warts all over their body. I was wondering if you think it's from the repression of symptoms from MMR vaccines.
3. My dentist tells me I need a root canal. I see the X-ray and the infection is obvious. He says it is bad for my health to keep this infection in my mouth. I have tried to get rid of it in the past two years, but the X-rays came back with no change. My one health problem is I forget words. My tooth hurt a few years ago and now it doesn’t. Should I get the root canal?
4. A friend was just diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. What can help him?
5. My mother-in-law has arrhythmia/arterial fibrillation, and I am looking into strophanthus and ashwagandha for her. Do you consider strophanthus a good supportive option for this problem?
6. My 38-year-old son thinks his “high cholesterol” will cause “heart disease.” He is on some crazy diet, and losing weight (was normal, now too thin). How can I explain the truth to him? Please explain it to us all.
7. What are your thoughts on diverticulitis? Causes, solutions. General colon health
8. Would you consider a digital watch to be unhealthy to wear? Perhaps messing with our biofield?
9. How to detoxify from PEGylated lipid nanoparticles?
10. Is there no contagion at all? No respiratory, no sexually transmitted, no food-related? If true, is it only true for microorganisms? What about fleas?


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