Q&A Webinar from March 20th, 2024

Q&A Webinar from March 20th, 2024

In today's webinar, Dr. Cowan discussed:

-New Biology
-How muscles work
-Virus isolation from a Virologist's point of view
-Answered some questions previously submitted to us by our listeners

Q&A Topics:
-Does the kangen (hydrogen) water system work in a similar way to Browns gas (aqua cure)? Or does it just alkalize the water and leave it uncharged and unstructured. It’s the latest ‘big thing’ in the water world here in Australia.
-Can type 1 diabetes can go into remission?
-People sometimes write in about EECP after reading Human Heart Cosmic Heart. Would Tom please talk about EECP including his present thoughts, how necessary he thinks the procedure is, particularly for people who cannot find a practitioner in their country. Is there anything that can substitute for the procedure? Some people aren't sure if they should take Strophanthus if they also cannot find an EECP practitioner
-Is it safe to go off of synthetic Thyroid medicine (Synthroid/Levothyroxine) and transition to a natural hormone replacement therapy? And if so, what is the protocol?
-What does it mean to structure blood? What is the purpose?
-What treatment do you suggest for calcium/bone buildup impinging the spinal cord and nerves exiting the vertebrate?



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