Q&A Webinar- March 6th, 2024

Q&A Webinar- March 6th, 2024

In today's webinar, we took questions that were previously submitted to us by our friends on X (formerly Twitter.) https://twitter.com/drtomcowan

Topics included:
1. What are cells exactly? Have they ever been observed inside of the living body or only when detached from their natural habitat, the body?
2. Can you discuss your thoughts on how emotions/emotional responses are connected to specific organs and symptoms of dis-ease ie the mind-body connection.
3. Is the secret of life in the vortex of the blood created in the heart or is it the mere existence of our metabolism?
4. In a clip I watched a few years ago you mentioned that we need spirituality as a way to protect ourselves from EMF radiation. Please explain that is possible? Thanks a lot and big respect for your work!
5. Can you comment on the temporary use of high dose (15-30 grams/day) sulfur in the form of MSM as a treatment for seemingly intractable cases of dysbiosis, SIBO, SIFO, IBS, etc? Many NP practitioners recommend permanent or elimination diets which lead to a sulfur deficiency.
6. What is your view/opinion on the validity of genetic and ancestral testing (e.g. http://Ancestry.com, 23 and me, etc.) that has been booming over the past decade? Is there any validity to it, or is it just a private data harvesting honeypot?
7. What do you reckon Ralph Baric was actually working on and do you think he genuinely believed these were real viruses ?
8. Antibiotic free resolution of urinary tract infection?
9. What is the most effective way to detoxify for beginners?
10. If disease is based on your levels of toxicity and nutrient deficiencies, how do you find out exactly what you’re deficient in?-- please note that this question will be addressed in more detail in a future webinar.

Regarding our webinar with Dr. Mark Bailey last week on isolation and scientific thinking, if you or someone you know believe that viruses have been isolated and have a rebuttal or scientific studies to show us, please submit a short paper or a short video to conversationswithdrcowan@gmail.com and we will review & address these in a future webinar. Please note that the requirements for submission can be found at the following timecodes in this video: 2:16-11:20




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