Living Design Technology

Tika Vales Caldwell, a professional designer, and Richard Spalding Caldwell, an award-winning commercial and residential architect, combined their professions of environmental energy balancing, personal transformation, and architecture for well-being to form Living Design Technology. Both are trained in Vesica Institute Advanced Biogeometry™, creating a New Science of Earth Healing, and promoting Holistic Healthy Homes. In addition to partnering with Dr. Cowan to provide energy harmonizing products, Tika and Richard work with private clients, developers, architects, interior designers, builders, and master gardeners to apply the benefits of energy balancing to their personal lives, homes, and projects. 

Below, Tika provides some insight into the origins of LDT:

I have worked with a team of people through the years to develop an efficient and effective way to stabilize multi-dimensional life supporting frequencies found in nature and infuse it into our tools. This energy can also be referred to as “Gold Energy “ or “Zero Point Energy.”

I began with Shirley Saylors Clarkson, who was my mentor for 14 years. She was a founding member of the Wholistic Nursing Association and is well versed in traditional western medicine and bioenergetic wellness practices. Shirley is also the founder of a nonprofit in New Orleans formed well over thirty years ago called the Agape Center. The Agape Center’s focus is to help the community and the earth to maintain wellness and vitality. The Agape center paid for all the scientific testing and was working closely with Dr. Micheal Scroggins, who is an MD and Senior Electrical Engineer, to validate the efficacy of the Living Design tools. Their encouragement enabled me to develop the technology in its early years. In 2010, I was given codes via direct knowledge and higher guidance during the BP oil spill and Fukushima, as an answer to prayers.

This process of receiving direct information has continued since then. I was also fortunate to inherit someone’s research who was working with universal energy and clay. As coincidence would have it, I had a nationally respected clay company for many years. Katrina brought the end of my relationship with that phase of my life, and in doing so, revealed a new path. The Katrina disaster struck close to my heart because New Orleans is my hometown, and I was very intent on helping the gulf!

The LDT tools were originally made for Mother Earth for large scale environmental application to help Gaia transmute oil spills, nuclear radiation, and chemical toxicity in the Gulf and Oceans, from disasters such as the BP oil spill, the reactor meltdown in Fukushima and Hurricane Katrina. The products were also developed to help anchor the grid of golden light to assist in raising the vibration of all living systems and people. As a result of my nonprofit work in the Gulf and my Harmonizing World Water Project, I was asked by healthcare practitioners to create harmonizing tools for people, homes, offices, gardens and other small-scale applications, creating the impetus for LDT as it is known today.

LDT works with multi-dimensional tri-wave natural light codes, or the trinity wave of rainbow light frequencies, very similar to and including what Dr. Karim refers to as BG3. The information Dr. Karim inherited was universal knowledge, and what he identified and developed with his bio signatures is unique.

LDT Technology is complimentary to his. When a person is working in the realms of the Unified Field and Universal Energy, according to Universal Law, and understands that light, sound, and shape are simply different perceptions of the same frequency by the senses, or different ways to create compression waves, one learns how coherence can be created at the frequency level and understands the diverse ways in which this coherence can be achieved. 

Dr Michael Scroggins, the electrical engineer I worked with for several years, stated “Our tools are infused with a full and balanced spectrum of all magnetic frequencies common to living systems. Dr. Gaetan Chevalier at Psy Tek Lab in Encinitas referred to it as ‘zero point energy,’ and measured its efficacy, concluding that “it was not only effective at protecting the person’s energy, but it was able to restore a person’s energy to a state at least as good as the energy state of the person before exposure to EMFs.” Dr. Chevalier went on to congratulate us for offering a product that works, which he stated was rare for EMF protection products.

A chi gong expert recently had an experience in our booth at a festival. He had a bee sting that healed very quickly after using the LDT technology in proximity to the sting. The next day, he came back and said, “These tools do not impose any will…they simply provide the same energy coming from the center of my heart and the higher dimensional fields…they do the same thing that I teach people to do…to access the primordial source…of love.”