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Colostrum Powder


Product Description

True 6-hour third party verified, ethically harvested, tested as organic, bovine colostrum. Low-temperature spray-dried and never defatted. Colostrum is the “immune milk” produced by mammals for the first few hours before and after birth. Contains immune and growth factors known which may support regeneration, immune modulation, efficient metabolism, lean muscle mass, and mood support.

Bovine colostrum is unique in that it contains much more nutritional content and active biological compounds that are directly transferable to humans than any other mammal. It is easily absorbable and contains virtually every known nutrient necessary for mammalian health. Most people with milk allergies can consume colostrum with no issues.

Usage: Take 1 tsp or more in a drink, on food or directly into the mouth for best absorption up to 4 times/day . Can be used topically as well for a rejuvenating facial- just mix with water to make a paste. It can also be applied to gums to enhance gum health and regeneration.