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This blend contains beneficial nutrients for epithelium cells and friendly bacteria found in the gut. It is estimated that 80% of the immune system is located in the gut. If it is “leaky” or compromised in any way, every other body system is compromised. The gut is also known as our “second brain,” where it houses over 200 million neurons which directly communicate to the brain via the vagus nerve. 90% of the bodies serotonin is made in the gut- if it is functioning optimally. Maintaining a healthy intestinal ecosystem is essential for optimal well-being.

What about Probiotics?

While fermented foods and probiotics can offer some help, our Gut is already home to thousands of various species of micro-flora that number in the trillions. While their numbers can be greatly reduced by a dose of antibiotics or dietary choices, there are always some survivors. These robust survivors are hard to replicate in a probiotic supplement and are the ones that need our attention. They flourish on various unique fibers known as “Prebiotics. “ GI Rescue is packed with these prebiotics from nurtient-dense whole foods which may support a healthy intestinal lining and probiotic ecosystem.

Is this for daily use or just when you have problems?

GI Rescue is formulated to be therapeutic enough to help assist in the healing of all types of digestive issues. At the same time, taking some every day is the best way to ensure your digestive system will stay in optimal health. When working on a particular issue, one will use a larger dose twice a day. A smaller dose once daily will work very well for people who don’t have any known issues. GI Rescue is formulated for daily tonic use in mind.

What other benefits may it offer?

This formula offers a diversity of possible health benefits. The L-glutamine in the formula is an amino acid which makes up the majority of our muscular system. Since our gut is actually one big muscle, L-glutamine is an essential component of our intestinal health but also great before or after a workout to support energy and muscle recovery. Since our gut is really an extension of our brain, the addition of Lion’s Mane Mushroom supports nerve growth and supplies polysaccharides to fuel our immune system. We have created this formula as a great all around support system and essential functional food since our digestive system is fundamental to our health and well-being.

This blend is rich in soothing demulcents, amino acids, nerve growth factors, soluble fibers, prebiotics, pectin, polysaccharides, active botanical compounds, and whole food nutrients. These nutrients may also support muscle growth, weight loss, brain function, blood sugar, and more.

One 2 Tb.(11g) serving supplies approximately 3.6g of Fermented Non-GMO L-Glutamine manufactured to the highest standards in the USA.