Peat Fiber Comforter - Summer Version
Peat Fiber Comforter - Summer Version
Peat Fiber Comforter - Summer Version
Peat Fiber Comforter - Summer Version


Peat Fiber Comforter - Summer Version

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Size Child-1 36 x 52

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Please allow 14-16 weeks for delivery. 
  • Cover Sheet Fabric: 100% Fine Percale Certified Organic Cotton
  • Filling: Fleece of 50/50 Peat-Fiber & Merino Wool of Certified Organic Animal Husbandry
  • The Total Filling is approx. 50% LESS than that of the Year Round versions
  • Peat-Fiber: 1st Class Peat-Fiber from Finland
  • Produced in: Germany – Manufactured by a 2nd generation top of the line bedding-specialist
  • Quilted so the filling remains evenly distributed throughout the Comforter
  • One piece of bedding and is ready to be used straight out of the packaging.


This product ships directly from the manufacturer and will arrive separately packaged from anything else you may order from our site. 

Washing & Care Suggestions

The care of peat products should be done exclusively by a professional (hand) wash at 30 ° with the help of acidic detergents (about ph 6) without fragrances. Mild, sour detergent suitable for wool prevents too much humic matter from being washed out. Important is thorough rinsing and, with high water hardness, an addition of some vinegar in the last rinse water. Peat beds have a fungicidal action, preventing the growth of mold fungi.

Nevertheless, daily ventilation is also essential here, so that the bedding can release the moisture absorbed during the night and thus retain its function.

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