#12: Jon Rappoport

#12: Jon Rappoport

My Guest Jon Rappaport and I Detail Once and For All Viral ‘Isolation’

For those of you who have been following my work concerning COVID-19, you know that the entire foundation of the story of the virus rests on whether the novel “corona virus” has been properly isolated and its entire genome characterized.   Many of you have sent papers to me that have been published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals that claim to have isolated and characterized this new virus.  They are all incorrect. 

In fact, the original Corman-Drosten et al paper on which this edifice of viral causation is based states that they used an “in silico” genome of an “in silico” virus.  “In silico” is Latin for “theoretical.”  In common English, synonyms for theoretical are “imaginary” or “make-believe.” 

The CDC in its July 2020 monograph states “no quantified isolated of the 2019-nCov are available.” Again, in simple English, this means they have no examples of an isolated virus in their possession.  In Freedom of Information requests, the Canadian health ministry, the Australian health ministry and the governments of many Commonwealth countries admit that they do not possess any studies that show the isolation of this purported virus.   

In this interview, and hopefully for the final time, Jon Rappaport and I describe in common language and precise detail the steps that are needed to properly isolate and characterize a virus.  We did this so we could empower our readers and listeners to know for themselves how to read and identify fraudulent science.  Among the many challenges we face, one is the rampant scientific illiteracy.  In some ages this may not have been relevant, but if we are going to live in an era in which “science” is the new religion and its tenets control our lives, we had better understand what its unquestioned “priests” are saying.

I can tell you, the more I look into what passes for “science,” the more I see how rotten it is to the core.  If we are to have a new “religion,” let’s have one of truth, freedom, justice and the sense of wonder and awe at the phenomena of life.   Let us celebrate what it means to be a human being endowed with a free spirit in a loving relationship with the mystery that is our world.   Please join me in this interview.

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