#21: Indra Singh

#21: Indra Singh

The Indian Farmers Revolt: A Story of Courage and Love

While most people would say the biggest story in the world right now is the Covid crisis, another huge but less well-known story is also happening.  This is the amazing story of the Indian farmers' revolt happening near New Delhi since last March.

In this week's podcast, I interview Indra Singh, who is chronicling the heart-warming, inspirational story of how the farmers in India are rising up against corporate and government oppression.  It is a story of courage and love and an inspiration about the road to a future we all need to create.  Please don't miss this conversation; it will bring tears to your eyes and give you hope that we, the people, are far from defeated.

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kunjabihari on

the round light on Tom’s left eye is pretty freaky!
fantastic interview Nevertheless
our spiritual Preceptor once said, ‘Indian culture can save the world’
however, finding Indian culture in India is becoming increasingly difficult!

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