#25: Alison McDowell

#25: Alison McDowell

Hi, everyone.

Today’s “Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends” features my second interview with Alison McDowell. I met Alison some months ago at an event in my community and was blown away by the scope of her knowledge and insights into the larger “game” that is being played out in front of our eyes. In the first interview, Alison described the basic rules of the game and how people can begin to understand the current events as they unfold. Alison is the first person I have asked to rejoin me for a second interview. My reason is that Alison has so much to share that it was impossible to cover everything in one hour.

In today’s podcast, we have a wide-ranging discussion that includes who some of the surprising major players are in this game. We also have a real discussion about the fundamental dynamic that is playing out through this “covid” project. Join me for this fascinating discussion, and, as always, join our Subscribe Star community as we navigate this landscape arm in arm.



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