#34: Andri Peetso

#34: Andri Peetso

This week's podcast is an interview with a young man named Andri Peetso. Like so many people, Andri was diagnosed at a young age with a severe, life-changing disease. However, unlike many others, Andri had a sense at the time of his diagnosis that the usual ways of medicine held no answers for him. Instead, he went on his own healing journey.

Part of his healing journey included a deep investigation into the science and practice of fasting. This study led him to write a book titled "Mastering Fasting." I have been interested in the therapeutic potential of fasting for many years and have gingerly done some fasting myself. I was very excited to learn the science and practice of fasting and have already incorporated some of the techniques into my daily life. Join me for this informative and fascinating interview.

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