#48: Dr. Grayson Dart

#48: Dr. Grayson Dart

This week's podcast episode features Dr. Grayson Dart. I first met Dr. Grayson when he joined my mentoring program that I was holding for practitioners a few years ago. He now has his own consultation program and works with Dr. Andrew Kaufman.

Dr. Grayson left modern medicine after finding out that modern medical practices did not improve people’s health and are oftentimes harmful. He decided to discover practices that truly heal and began researching the relationship between body, mind, and spirit. What followed was his own healing experience and a deeper understanding of how to use nature to heal the body.

Dr. Grayson's new practice is designed to get the best health results possible while teaching people the vital knowledge they need to care for themselves and their families. He loves witnessing people become their own health authority.
Today we're going to hear about his background, how he got into his new way of thinking and doing medicine, how he is helping people who are looking for a practitioner, and what they can expect when they book a consultation with him.

Book a consultation with Dr. Grayson here.

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Anonymous on

Hello Steve,

Dr. Cowan talked about how to tell if water is structured a couple of weeks ago. Feel free to watch his response here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/HMTkbK9AOOiz/

Customer Support

steve on

Thank you Dr Cowen for your books, powders, podcasts and your sincerity!
I would like to know a good source for structured water. I am on Los Angeles municipal water, with a mineralized reverse osmosis filter. I ve been using an “Analemma”. I have been searching for either a good machine or a good manufacturer of the EZ water. I ve seen tools and machines from $100 to $25,000. Is there a purchasing guide? How will I know if my water is really being structured?
Thank you steve

Anonymous on


Please join Dr. Cowan’s SubscribeStar Channel. On Thursdays he hosts zoom meetings with Practitioners.

Louis Dallara on

Not very helpful. Nice story, we all have one. Be Well

Billie Kruger on

Thank you, Dr Cowan. We’re on it :) We will follow up with Dr Dart online and hopefully meet with him in Zion, Utah, as well.

Geraldine May on

Great discussion! Thank you!

Agneta M Sundberg on

We have met with Dr. Dart and are excited to be under his care. My daughter in Sweden is under his care as well. I feel confident recommending an online consultation with him.

Eric on

It’s a great thing not to be a victim to some sickness. I used to live a toxic life from my job. Didn’t drink enough water but ate mostly organic. In my lat 40’s I had 3 episodes of atrial fibrillation so off to the hospital to be zapped with the paddles. A friend asked me how much water did I drink and gave me the book Your Not Sick your Thristy. Haven’t had to be zapped since. After a couple years of retirement I was no longer getting sick. Being a bit thick between the ears I didn’t realize till listening to you Tom it was the toxins from my job that had me sick all the time. Now I can help others to find the way. Have a friend that has some sort of fat disease where she just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It’s not a food thing as she eats healthy. Her Doc says it’s some rare “gene thing” and supposedly she will have to have the fat sucked out. I’m going to try to steer her to Dr Grayson. Anyway thank you Tom for all you do here.

Gabi on

Dr. Grayson, a very interesting story of your journey into the true art of doctoring – Docere – to teach the individual (or the patient) that within them rest the authority to heal what ails them, and the discovery therein of their origin(s).
So glad to know that you received nuggets of wisdom from Dr. Tom along the line.
In so many ways your story is strikingly similar to mine on the path of self discovery as healthcare professionals with conventional training background.
Indeed our key role in the doctor-patient equation is to teach people how to stay healthy; and to resolve health challenges from within, taking the prime responsibility themselves. To be active, totally involved and transformed participants through the entire process; NOT the culture of a dependent, passive role which the conventional paradigm has instilled in the majority.
Keep it up Dr. Tom, and Dr. Grayson.
I looked forward to being part of your mentorship program Tom, but discovered that it’s no longer offered.

Diane E on

I have to really applaud Dr. Dart for leaving western medicine and finding a way to truly help people get better. I applaud Dr. Cowan as well for the same thing. I wish all MDs were like you. Courageous moral men.

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