#52: Dan Stachofsky

#52: Dan Stachofsky

Hi, everyone.

This week's podcast interview is with Dan Stachofsky from the Essential Energy company. Probably all of us are somewhat familiar with the problems associated with EMF exposure, problems that only worsen the longer we are exposed. Many of us are looking for realistic, doable solutions.

It's a daunting problem because in our current world, it's almost impossible to avoid at least some level of EMF exposure. This situation fits Ivan Illich's description of a "radical monopoly," that is, a state-sanctioned act that adversely affects everyone whether they would choose to participate or not. Dan decided to put his attention toward helping to solve the problem of harmful EMF exposures.

In this interview, you will hear his story and find out what solutions he came up with. My hope is this interview helps you add another layer to your understanding of EMF damage and mitigation.


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Sharla Brown on

I’ve watched/listened to this three times. Very compelling! Is anyone familiar with Pranan technologies from Spain? My understanding is that it also ameliorates or neutralizes all known harmful frequencies, including 5G?
Dan’s technology seems like it may be more biologically specific to energy, light, color, and the electromagnetic spectrum, balancing the ionic field of all living things? I’m wondering if they could work together very nicely? HTTPS://www.Pranan.com

Thank you Dr. Tom, every time I think I’m not quite understanding something, you ask a question and truly helping me understand the information that’s being presented. You are absolutely right, the quality of life we/our bodies accept, individually, (consciously or not) is sometimes not as healthy as it could be. With gratitude, Sharla❤️🌠

Sue on

Please add note to my comment above. Dan has since rectified the website and we in the UK can now order!

Dan Stachofsky on

Hi Sue! Thank you for the feedback! We do ship to the UK. Please try the order again or contact us directly for support. We look forward to serving you. – Dan

Sandra Pearce on

I imagine that this technology would help other newer therapies (Brown’s Gas) work better and faster without the EMF interference.

Sue Marriott on

This sounds completely comprehensible to me (intuitively, as a non scientist who has read Popp, Bob Becker etc). It feels like the Yang to the Yin of the Analemma wand. Such a shame the products are not available in the UK. Good luck. And thanks Tom.

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