#57: Mike Stone

#57: Mike Stone

'Gain of Function': Another House of Cards

Mike Stone, the creator of Viroliegy.com, has done great investigative work into "gain of function" virology experiments by studying the original papers. In today's episode of "Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends," Mike and I dissect the methods used in these experiments and discover that the researchers never demonstrated that they were working with a virus, let alone "gaining" its function.

The whole thing, just like all of virology, is a house of cards with no foundation. Join me in the podcast, and never be fooled by the "gain of fiction" nonsense again.


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Laughing Waters on

So many tests and surrogates, when one could simply go to the source. I’ve never had any difficulty knowing that I was pregnant. But, sure, it would be difficult for a male to “prove”, unless he credited the female with knowledge of her own body.
But then, where would all that gain of profit be?

Ahhh!!! There’s the rub….“To make it cross species”. This is their continued “original sin”, the attempt to cross the species barrier. That’s what Monsanto’s labs were all about, hoping to find a way to cross the species barrier, because without our life-force, they are nil.
Yep, lots of mickey mousing they’re up to, making it up as they get their orders. A reading of “For Her Own Good: Two Centuries of Experts’ Advice to Women” might reveal that it’s been going on for a long time.
Try to reveal or change any of the smoke and mirrors, and you get pounded on the head with a bible and assured that god made it all the way it is, and that’s how it always has been and always will be. And don’t question private property either. The god made that too. We have no responsibility except to follow the god’s orders.
Round and round we go, where it ends, nobody knows. Like Lucinda Williams sang, "How you think this story ends? It’s not of matter of how, it’s just a matter of when, ‘cause it’s coming down. "
Speak the truth and the walls of jericho comes tumbling down.

Michael on

The “covid-19” PCR tests were designed to detect peptides of snake venom, so the gov could see how well their poison dispersal program was working. Dr Ardis has shown the Italian study which shows that 100% of PCR positive people also tested positive for snake venoms. And among PCR negative people, 0% tested positive for snake venom!

Michael on

If a gov agency offered a $100 million grant to a research lab to do GOF on a “virus”, of course the lab is going to say sure, we can do that! Then the lab just needs to produce scientific papers that give the impression that they actually did that… so the cash keeps coming. No virus is necessary for this process to continue indefinitely. $$$….

John Mugge on

The US has biolabs all over the world. Can we gather from Mike’s analysis that the whole thing is one big boondoggle? Are scientists being paid big bucks, and the CIA not understand it’s all nefarious? Or could Gain of Fiction be a cover for their working on Anthrax and the like?

Gayla on

You really do not want to have an ultrasound as it is extremely dangerous. There is a video that explains in detail just how dangerous it is. Here is the link to that video: https://odysee.com/@dharmabear:2/Jeanice-Barcelo-Tea-Time-Ep-45-The-Dark-Side-of-Ultrasound:0

mark c on

more evidence of the unscientific and extremely cruel use of lab animals to justify faulty premises and manipulated conclusions..👺

Lou Stephen on

Dr. David Martin is a fool, paid Government shill and controlled opposition has said in 2002 there is a patent where they built an infectious replication defective coronavirus during gain of function experiments.
However, this is a joke on shill Dr. David Martin because the definition of a pathogenic virus is that it is REPLICATION COMPETENT! That’s why they say viruses multiply inside the hosts cells. They are replication competent, NOT replication defective. That means the so called new coronavirus they built is harmless and bullshit! And the US Government wasted taxpayers money! They don’t make viruses in labs, they make chemicals and chemicals used in foods, water, the sky and injections/vaccines in labs.

Brian Root on

Mike Stone’s Substack https://mikestone.substack.com/

Jacquelyn Budd on

So doing monkey business to get results they want?

sebe on

Hello mr Cowan,
I am sure that if a virus as bioweapen would exist, it would have been used already! Special now in Ukrain.
Thanks for your information.

Toni on

video is buffering and stopping every 5 seconds? dont need to post this comment
but I think its your video stream my other videos play seemless….


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